Seinfeld Season 2 Episode 12 - the Busboy

Seinfeld Season 2 Episode 12 - the Busboy

By BAJA | BAJA | 19 Nov 2020

Stand up - I'm not a foodie.  Yes that existed in the early 90's.  The check is in a book - the story of the bill.  

Elaine, Jerry and George are eating.  Why do I get pesto?   Everyone likes pesto.  George doesnt like it.  A guy wearing a baseball cap - I bet he is getting plugs.  Thats right hair plugs.  Elaine is having a house guest - from Seattle.  He is a gentleman and shared an interpersonal experience.  The Benes tattoo doesnt wash off easily.  He is staying for a week.  A menu catches fire.  The busyboy is in trouble.  They pointed at their table.  The busboy gets fired.  George is nervous.  Jerry - lots of excons are busboys.  

Jerry feels bad but he will get another job.  George was a camp waiter - a fat camp.  Busboys are always changing jobs.  Elaine shows up - she is clever.  Phone was disconnected but she got an address.  Charm means nothing.  George wants to go to his apartment - what can I do?  George doesnt want to take Kramer but he does.  George doesnt want Kramer to say too much.  We are cool - I'm not an idiot.  George knocks.  Kramer knocks louder.  The busboy opens the door.  He lets them in.  George is talking very softly.  The busboy just stares and pushes out his chest.  George apologizes.  The busboy stares.  Kramer asks for water in Spanish.  The busboy looks for his cat in Spanish.  The door was left open.  Who left the door open?  Very upset.  Help me look.  

George, Kramer and the busboy are sitting at his table.  Cats run away all the time.  Still very upset - his name is Antonio.  Kramer breaks his lamp.  George gives him his business card - Im in real estate.  The both leave.  

Jerry is talking with George on the phone.  Kramer shows up.  Its up to the cat.  Why was I in charge of closing the door?  Elaine - any aspirin?  Where are the keys?  The car better make it to the airport - I am going to get him on the plane or I will kill him.  He is wonderful but I hate him.  Elaine has been on her period so no sex.  Whats the route?   I have it planned out.  Plane leaves at 1015.  I bought a new alarm clock

Stand up - driving to the airport makes me nervous.  Flying doesnt make me nervous.  Ride by cannon.  

Elaine wakes up - the alarm didnt go off.  Crazy - get up and get dressed.  No shower.  Grabbing clothes.  Packing furiously.  You must go now.  Shut up and pack.  Talking too much.  Take the brown sweater.  Lets go.  

George will tell Jerry any great toilet in the city.  Magnificent facilities.  Elaine shows up - never knew I could drive like that.  Seeing 3-4 moves ahead.  Physics were challenged.  Then the Van Wick - I came as close as anyone ever has.  A 5 car pile up deterred.  Kramer - the busboy is coming.  George is excited - he is settling the score.  The busboy show up - a gas main exploded and killed 5 people including the busboy who took my place.  You saved my life - hugs George.  He found a job that pays twice and his cat returned.  Today I am starting my new job - thank you.  The busboy and Elaine's man get into a fight in the hall.  

Antonio fell down the stairs and has a cast on his arm.  George is taking care of the cat.  Elaine is helping feed the man she wanted to leave.  Jerry is left eating at the table


I have officially never seen this episode

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