Jan 14 - 2020 Compost

By BAJA | BAJA | 15 Jan 2020

To further the conversation on coffee grounds - compost is vitally important.  Compost is nutrition.  First - there are two main kinds of compost.  Fungal dominated, which is done over a long period of time ie: one year and hot compost, which is accomplished over a short period of time ie: 2-4 weeks.  Both are important because they add vital nutrients, minerals and life.  Soil is a living organism.  The best way to create fungal compost is to use the dead leaves, branches, and other material in the fall, gather it up, and leave it alone.  Watch nature break down the material but remember to turn it about once every 4 months.  The forest does it.  The best way to create hot compost is to have equal parts carbon and nitrogen, add water, mix it together, turn it every couple of days and feel the heat.  Use the grass clippings with the cardboard box that you threw away.  Vermiculture is composting using worms.  Dont forget to use ash from the fireplace.  Cardboard, paper, egg cartons will all compost.  Veggie scraps can be used but be careful because rodents and bugs like them also.  Any other ideas on how to compost?  Add to this conversation because we can responsibly and easily recycle everyday items and make nutrition for the soil.        

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