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Heads up! Scams galore.

By AtomixBob | Bad Grammars | 5 May 2021

I was happily cruising through another dreamy afternoon of free nft's  and airdrops when all of sudden, my Discord  account began receiving suspicious messages:


 Evidently I have won something; a large amount of Bit coin, wow!, after all, I have almost forgotten how many competitions I have subscribed to in the last week. Anything's possible in this exciting world of giveaways. But wait suddenly I have another urgent message to check:


 An enormous amount of Ethereum from a new website, swoon! although I would love to happily trust and believe, sadly boring old common sense sets in and I do a little research before rushing in, here's what I found on  



Well, that shattered my hopes and dreams in an instant. I hope nobody falls prey to these ignoble acts: The hunting down of poor gullible souls. Or even experienced users. By whom? Other experienced users maybe.

It makes me wonder. Where the these messages come from ? Perhaps I have already been roped in to another scam ! 

Thankfully I do not suffer from severe paranoia, so I will continue to sign up for all the best "Get rich slowly but surely" plans that I can find and using intuition and the god given powers of discernment, remembering not to get greedy, and to surf away from all the diabolic places that will inevitably occur to me during my decent into the darkest depths of the crypto world.

I hope you will do the same as me and warn others about any of these fake giveaways that turn up; so the community can benefit from all the great stuff to be found. Every little bit helps. Sure a free five thousand dollars drop would be good too ! Perchance that may not be even so unattainable with a small investment of, lets say a hundred thousand. I'm no where near those numbers yet so for now it's time to get back to my dreams.

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Bad Grammars
Bad Grammars

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