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By AtomixBob | Bad Grammars | 27 May 2021

Magic Dust


Just a couple of paragraphs to all lovers of free crypto. The last couple of days I have been sucked into the the magical world of free dust, it's an amazing community that's growing fast.

Get started right away here:

It is so simple,  just chat away to your hearts content and watch you wax wallet swell up with dust.

Some of the exciting features are: The ability to found a new Telegram channel that mines Dust, minimum 100 members needed, the possibility to create and sell NFTS with Dust and  buy NFT enhancers that increase your earnings.

On the down side, without an enhancer you would need to be pretty active for an hour sending Dust related comments to earn 10 dust, the going rate is 0.5 per message. Beware of how many words you write per message because you get a warning for less than 3. After 3 warnings you get banned. The dust earned remains yours.

I have not wandered around the 100 plus Dust mining active channels but I have seen that they have a Spanish version and a Romanian version, it could be that more languages are covered.

At the moment Dust is not worth much, now: On the 2nd of June 2021 1 DUST = 0.01486390 WAX as listed on Alcor Exchange

The low price doesn't bother me, what is important is having fun while earning. Investing time in a token that has the potential to grow over time is a win, win situation. 



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