The beauty of simplicity

By Azure95 | Azure | 24 Dec 2020


Less is more!

What kind of result can you get in your photos if you restrict yourself to only a handful of colours or why not just black and white? 

Black on black



While taking this shot i did not have any access to a studio, so i was forced to improvise.

To start of i needed a pitch black room and some kind of light source and a tripod.

My light of choice this time was two candles places outside of the actual framing.

That's why the tripod was crucial cause i was going to use a long shutter speed.

Focal Length: 55 mm
Aperture: f/3.8
Shutter Speed: 10/1 s
ISO: 100



White on white



This one was fun to make both the paper swan and later also develop the picture in a darkroom. After that i later scanned it to get it up here. The feathers makes for a good birds nest but it also acts as a smooth transition from the swan to the white background. 



Bound by steel



Instead of black and white, here i used yellow as a base color. The chains are placed so that they gradually get out of focus. My goal with this photo was for it to give off a somewhat eerie feeling.


Focal Length: 128 mm
Aperture: f/5.4
Shutter Speed: 1/200 s
ISO: 320



Hope you found some photos inspiring and thank you for tuning in!


Have a wonderfull day!






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