Jog up you noggin!

Jog up you noggin!

By Azure95 | Azure | 9 Feb 2021

Train the brain!

Hi there fellow publisher, are you up for a little challenge? I'v always liked puzzles and riddles so for todays post i would like to share two logical riddles, in different difficulties. So if you are up for a smal test leave the answers in the comments. My next post will be the solutions to them, so be sure to follow. :) 

The cost of tea?

You just had a nice cup of tea at the newly opened coffee shop down the road. The tea was splendid, but you could not wrap your head around why most of the guests where burrowing their heads in the tables looking at a receipt. Apparently this is not a normal coffee shop, to know what you have to pay you receive a riddle on the receipt that you have to solve. Your riddle goes like this.
If (P+E+A=22$)
And (P+E+A+T=42$)

Then what is the cost of,

Questions with matches!

Your at your friends house when suddenly you are presented with a box pf matches. Your friend proceeds to take out some of them and laying them at the table in a pattern that looks like this.



Your friend then tells you to move one of the matches on the left side of the equation to make the expression true. No match can touch each other and the total number of matches must be the same on each side of the equal sign.

Can the expression be made true?


Have fun and good luck. :) 

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