Binemon - game NFT well-known as the second version of Axie Infinity, game Idle RPG with virtual pet Game NFT.

How to download Binemon - the most attractive Game NFT play to earn money online

Binemon - game NFT well-known as the second version of Axie Infinity, game Idle RPG with virtual pet Game NFT. Binemon aims to create a fair playground for players to do their own duty in Game and earn real money online. In addition to the collection of virtual pet, Eggs, AMB, characters, virtual items or Bine lands exchanges on Binemon Marketplace, players will have more opportunities to join Battle in PVP, PVE playmode and reap rewards.

Binemon gamefi nft metaverse

Download Binemon Game NFT, Play To Earn:

GameFi is the association of Game, DeFi (decentralised finance) and NFT (non-fungible token) or simply understood as “gamification of finance” through digital assets in-game is NFT. 

GameFi is the next trend of DeFi and NFT. That’s the reason the association of three trends Game, DeFi and NFT have taken the Crypto market by storm in 2021.

Idle RPG game genres are very hot game types, and gain attraction from multiple players. You are probably no stranger to popular names like Lost Centuria, Adventure, Idle Heroes, the games that take the global gaming community by storm. However, traditional games are created for entertainment purposes, players need to spend money playing games. When it comes to Binemon - Game NFT, the story will be different, solving the shortcomings from traditional games such as exclusive ownership of players, exchange and purchase of in-game items, increasing the attractiveness for players, and many other attractive features.

Binemon PVP Battle

What is the uniqueness and difference of Binemon to become the super hot Game NFT:


1. Unique character system: hatch Eggs, fuse Mons, PVE, PVP, GVG, Metaverse,.. (The high level of uniqueness and diversity for game characters)

To start with Binemon Game, you will use BIN token to use Egg, hatch Egg and get Mons according to the gacha (random) mechanism.

  • 4 different Races: dog, cat, unicorn, titan
  • 5 different Classes: fighter, archer, mage, tanker, support
  • Body parts: head, body, tail, ears, face, skin, horn, wings

In the next few days, Binemon will make an official announcement about Chat Together - the first feature of Metaverse in Binemon World with attractive 3D interaction.

Binemon Chat Together Metaverse

2. Different, astounding, stunning NFT 3D graphics. (high attraction)

Binemon meme 3D graphics

3. App Binemon available for Android, iOS, Web GL (high convenience)

Binemon app

4. Transaction fee near-zero (optimizing utility)

There are two popular Blockchain networks, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, but the fees are expensive and networks are congested, and the fees are even bigger than rewards for players. Therefore, Binemon chooses its own Blockchain, to avoid the barriers of fees and network congestion, and to increase convenience in player’s experience.

5. The reward system of Binemon GameFi NFT is large but anti-inflation, anti-cheat, and high fairness.

Binemon Play To Earn mechanism, as follows:

  • PVP Daily Reward and PVP Battle Reward
  • PVE Campaign, PVE Tower, PVE Dungeon, PVE Boss
  • AFK Reward: Mons (NFTs) staking
  • Tournament
  • GVG (Guild) Rewards
  • BineLand: Land growth in value, Farming Reward, Building and Trading
  • BineAds: Reward from advertising

Binemon NFT Games

Currently, the market capitalization of Binemon is still low, so there is a great opportunity for new players to play to earn money online. Please download Binemon app by following the link below.

Download Binemon App

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GameFi Review
GameFi Review

GameFi is the integration of Game, DeFi and NFT, marking the best association from Game and Blockchain. We would like to share GameFi passion with everyone to discover the uniqueness of GameFi projects. Let us steer you in exhilarating journey.

Axie V2 Binemon Game NFT Play To Earn
Axie V2 Binemon Game NFT Play To Earn

Binemon has gained popularity as the second version of Axie Infinity. Binemon has inspiration from the Pokemon fighting game, which creates a fair playground for players to collect, nurture Mons and build a kingdom for your own pets to participate in based-turn combat of Binemon game.

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