How to create an account on Axie Infinity V2? Detailed instruction by image!
I would like to instruct beginners how to create an account on Axie v2 app by images!

How to create an account on Axie Infinity V2? Detailed instruction by image!

In previous articles, I introduced one of the hottest projects in GameFi trend - Binemon or known as the second version of Axie Infinity, Game NFT with high potential of growth, which opens the door for GameFi to reach the high level of game and finance.
Axie V2 Binemon has successfully released PVP Battle, PVE Battle  - the second phase in Binemon journey (10 phases). Thanks to NFT 3D graphics and attractive gameplay, Axie V2 has gained the attention from hundreds of thousands Crypto investors and gamers. It’s the best time for beginners to join Binemon and earn real money during game time. 

I would like to instruct beginners how to create an account on Axie v2 app by image! Let’s get started!


How to create an account on Binemon - Axie V2:

Step 1: Download Axie V2 app for Android, iOS or PC:

Download Axie V2 - Binemon app

Step 2: Register Binemon Axie V2 account: 


Get access to -> Choose Login to create account or login registered account on Binemon: register account


Choose “Click here to register” register account

Fill your information as follow:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Confirm Password register account

Next, choose Register to complete Axie V2 account registration. 


Step 3: Create Metamask wallet to join Axie V2 Binemon Game or join Binemon Marketplace:

Choose “Connect Wallet” to connect wallet on interface of Axie V2.

If you don’t still know how to create Metamask account, please follow the next steps:

Get access to Choose “Download
Binemon metamask download

Choose “Install Metamask for Chrome

Binemon Metamask Setting

Choose “Add to Chrome” and create extensions on Chrome 

After adding extensions successfully, choose “Get Started”

Binemon Metamask Setting

If you registered a Metamask account and deposit BNB into Metamask wallet. Choose “Import Wallet

Binemon Metamask Setting

If you haven’t registered a Metamask account, Choose ”Create a wallet

Choose “ I agree” to agree to Metamask terms 

Binemon Metamask

If you registered account on Metamask wallet, you need to fill in the following information:

Binemon Metamask

If you are new to Metamask wallet, continue to set passwords for your own account. 


Fill in 12 phases in Secret Backup Phase, remember that save your keys and never share keys to anyone to protect security for your account.


Step 4: Set Smart Chain to buy Mons in Game NFT Binemon - Axie V2:

Metamask default to install Ethereum network, that’s why you need to add steps of Smart Chain settings.

Choose “Custom RPC



Fill information as follow:

Binemon Metamask

Network name: Binance Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:


Already set Smart Chain network successfully

Binemon Metamask

The next steps to buy Mons, fuse Mons to join Binemon PVP and PVE, invite everyone to follow these articles:

Official social media of Binemon - Axie V2:

🌐 Website:


🌐 Marketplace:

📰 Twitter:

📣 Channel:

🎞 Youtube:

📰 Instagram:

💬 Global Group:



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Axie V2 Binemon Game NFT Play To Earn
Axie V2 Binemon Game NFT Play To Earn

Binemon has gained popularity as the second version of Axie Infinity. Binemon has inspiration from the Pokemon fighting game, which creates a fair playground for players to collect, nurture Mons and build a kingdom for your own pets to participate in based-turn combat of Binemon game.

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