Taking It Up A Notch: Illuvium Gets Ready to Introduce Illuvitars NFTs – the Subsequent Stage of its Web3 Gaming Journey

By Chainsight | Chainsight | 19 Feb 2023

Illuvium, the highly discussed blockchain gaming project, has recently unveiled its latest venture, Illuvium: Beyond. This project is based on the upcoming Illuvitars NFT collection and adds to Illuvium's "interoperable blockchain games" ecosystem, generating considerable excitement.


The official launch of Illuvium: Beyond is scheduled for March 7, adding another chapter to the ever-growing gaming world of the project.


Illuvitars is a collection of over 150 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), each of which is based on Illuvium's virtual characters, known as Illuvials. The Illuvitars collection includes a portrait and a vast selection of accessories, backgrounds, and expressions, which can be combined in infinite ways. The distinct rarity of each Illuvitar provides value to the collection.


Apart from their function as profile pictures, the Illuvitars are designed to enable access to various gaming features. Moreover, they provide access to early-stage game releases, merchandise available exclusively through Illuvium, and special events.


Exploring Illuvium: Beyond


Illuvium, a new gaming system, offers players a unique collection-building concept that also doubles as a game or multiple games known as Beyond. The system features Illuvitar NFTs, which player collectors can collect to gain higher standing on the leaderboard and access extra utilities within the Illuvium universe.


The Illuvium universe comprises three games: Overworld, Arena, and Zero. As player-collectors accumulate these rare collections, they are presented with the opportunity to advance their ranks and enhance their gameplay experience.


Players who collect Illuvitar NFTs receive rewards upon completing pages within the Illuvitars album. Finishing collections leads to extra and special rewards within the game. The Illuvitars project's founders also design an interactive and competitive card game that employs their NFTs.


Although the value of Illuvitar NFTs may experience fluctuations, as is typical for any NFT collection, the system provides a unique and immersive experience for those devoted to the Illuvium play-to-earn gming world. By participating in this project, players have an opportunity to become more involved in this engaging world.




The Illuvitars concept is being brought to fruition through the joint effort of Illuvium, the GameFi-concentrated Layer 2 blockchain ImmutableX (which hosts Illuvium), plus Binance and Chainlink.


Illuvium co-founder Kieran Warwick informed Stockhead that ImmutableX guarantees digital ownership, Binance provides easy buying, and Chainlink's price feeds determine the sILV2/ ETH rate.


The Illuvium blockchain gaming ecosystem includes sILV2, a "synthetic ILV token" that is equivalent to ILV and can be used for in-game purchases. It has a 1:1 exchange rate.


Illuvitars' Head of Concept Art, Rogier Van De Beek, was in charge of the collection's conception. He was accompanied by a team composed of seasoned artists with experience in various firms such as Blizzard, Magic the Gathering, and Sega.


Van De Beek reported that Illuvitars began as an insignificant PFP project, yet it rapidly advanced to something much bigger. The team devoted over a year to crafting bespoke pieces for the project, and the finished product is a highly engaging experience that will surpass all expectations.


Warwick noted the great potential of crypto's multiple markets and the communities that revolve around NFTs. He observed that they were disconnected from the gaming world and desired to bridge the two, hence the creation of Illuvitars, which would open up new possibilities for NFT collectors.

Final Thoughts

Illuvium is an innovative and exciting blockchain-based gaming system that combines collection-building with immersive gameplay experiences. The unique combination of NFTs and gameplay has generated much interest in the gaming community and contributed to the project's success. More still remains to be seen from the project.

Questions for Readers

The Illuvium project has seen success before. Can it replicate its achievements or go even higher?

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