Splinterlands, a Leader in GameFi, Reaches a Transaction Volume of over 2 Billion

By Chainsight | Chainsight | 16 Feb 2023


On February 8, 2023, Splinterlands proudly announced that the total number of transactions on the platform had exceeded the two-billion mark since the company's foundation in 2018. 


This accomplishment follows the 3 billion battle threshold achieved in August 2022, which is a testament to the game's sustainable and rapid growth within the Web 3.0 collectible trading card battle industry. 


According to DappRadar, Splinterlands accounted for 96% of all transactions on Hive, the blockchain Splinterlands is built upon. This platform is presently registering 3 to 5 million transactions every day.


"It is hard to fathom the immense growth and engagement that we have seen in our community," said Splinterlands CEO Jesse "Aggroed" Reich. "Two billion transactions is mind-blowing. As we look to improve our frictionless onboarding approach and the entertainment value of Splinterlands, we look forward to continuing to introduce Splinterlands to new players who have not yet explored blockchain games."


The blockchain gaming sector grew substantially in 2022. The cryptocurrency market was volatile between 2022–2023, yet Splinterlands nevertheless saw impressive user growth. They currently have an average of over 250,000 active players each day on their site, in addition to having hosted over 5 million gaming battles.

About Splinterlands

Established in 2018 by Reich and Matt Rosen, Splinterlands is currently the top blockchain gaming provider, with 2.4 million registered users, almost one million active wallets, and 3-5 million blockchain transactions daily. 


The game combines fantasy-themed combat tactics with Web 3.0 technology, allowing players to trade, collect, and earn rewards in ways never seen in gaming, thus enhancing the user experience and forming a strong community. 


Splinterlands' users come from 149 countries around the world, and the game is accessible in 10 languages, with plans to grow further over the course of 2023.


The world of Splinterlands is enthralling, populated with a host of exciting characters and creatures. Players may assemble their own monster teams and go into combat, each with their own unique set of plans and tactics to employ.



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Final Thoughts

The play2earn gaming environment is seeing some recovery from the crypto bear stint that has lasted a while. Splinterlands recording this feat looks like a beacon of hope for the Web 3.0 and blockchain gaming community for better things to come.

Question for Readers

Would we expect more positive replies like this from the play2earn community o the present situation of the crypto winter?

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