Bybit is hosting the first ever "World Series of Trading".

By AxelWogel | Axel's writings | 14 Jul 2020

     We've seen a large multitude of different trading competition in the cryptocurrency space, but non with the aim of being the first, highly prestigious Title Series that WSOT is going for. With a low cost of entry, traders from around the world will have an easy opportunity to prove their skills in one of two. large prize pool, events. Having two running tournaments allows traders the chance to enter an event at which they excel at, with the two tournaments, in this first ever WSOT, grouping traders up into a Team Trading Contest, as well as a Solo Event. Let's start with the meatier of the options; the "BTC Troop Showdown".

     Although both of the prize pools offered are generous in proportions, the "BTC Troop showdown" offers a much larger prize, as it is the team trading event portion of the World Series of Trading. Out of the total, 200 Bitcoin prize pool, the grand total for the Troop event is 150 BTC; with a modest entry fee of 0.1 Bitcoin equity. We've not been given much official information about the overall structure of how the tournament will play out, but seeing registrations of some traders leads me to believe the teams max out when composed of five different traders. Don't have crypto trading friends? Don't worry, Bybit and the WSOT have not left you out.


     An event for the dreamchaser; for all the lone, crypto-derivative trading degens out there, you are seen and taken care of. Bybit and the WSOT have ran a second competition, consisting of a more modest entry fee of $300 USDT. The prize pool, on the other hand, is any thing but modest - with a whopping $300,000 USDT total reward pool up for grabs. While also allowing for much less of a barrier of entry than the team event, the "USDT Solo Showdown" allows for a more in depth look at a traders individual skills, and, making it a more prestigious event. Seeing as, in the troop event, a certain amount of the traders could under perform and be piggy backed into higher standings. 

     Either way you see it; whether you're participating in one or the other, or both, this is one of the most prestigious events we've seen in the crypto trading space to date. Bybit has really out done themselves in all regards. Traders can take advantage of a wide variety of bonuses offered during this time, as well as participate in social media giveaways, for limited WSOT merchandise. Enjoy an Early Bird Bonus of up to $60 for pre-registering for the event early, as well as getting the chance at banking an extra bonus of up to $9400. Sign up using the partner link below, save 20% off your trading fees, and take your shot at proving to the world you're a top tier cryptocurrency trader. 

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