IF THE STARS EXPLODE... (WOULD WE NOTICE IT?) / "The Doubling Time Theory" / ¿Memories are real? [SCIENCE-ART]

IF THE STARS EXPLODE... (WOULD WE NOTICE IT?) / "The Doubling Time Theory" / ¿Memories are real? [SCIENCE-ART]

By awstian | awstian | 21 May 2020

If the stars exploded ...

by Brian Becerra.


"Nothing that has happened is forgotten, even if you don't remember it"
Spirited Away -Hayao Miyazaki


"When we look at the stars we see the past"



Figure 1. MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY as "Cooper" on "Interstellar" Dir. by Christopher Nolan

You have probably heard these in myths or stories from some grandfathers or friends. As surprising as this may seem, it is scientifically proven.



Figure 2. Space shot (Interstellar by Christopher Nolan)

"We used to look up at the sky 
 and wonder at our place in the stars,
now we just look down and worry
about our place in the dirt.”

INTERSTELLAR (2014) dir. Christopher Nolan




According to studies carried out by NASA, the closest star to Earth, the Sun, is 149,600,000 km or 92,000,000 miles away and emits a light that reaches us in 8 minutes and 19 seconds. (NASA)


Time it takes to go around the Sun* : 365.3 DAYS (NASA)

more about the measures of Earth and Sun : NASA: Measuring the Distance Student Section

Earth, Moon, & Sun | A quick artistic view of the Earth ...

Figure 3. Photo by unknown artist on Flickr


And the light from Sirius, the brightest star seen on earth, takes 8.6 light-years. (EL PAIS 2018)


Figure 4. Photo by Wikipedia library for the article Close up of Sirius on wikipedia.org

Curious fact 1 : Sirius is the brightest star in the sky at night.

Curious fact 2 :Almost twice times brighter than the next brightest star: Canopus 

Curious historical fact: "(...) In the Era of the Middle Kingdom, Egyptians based their calendar on the heliacal rising of Sirius, namely the day it becomes visible just before sunrise after moving far enough away from the glare of the Sun. This occurred just before the annual flooding of the Nile and the summer solstice, after a 70-day absence from the skies". (Extract from Crystalinks : History and Mythology)



Many of the stars that we observe now at night died miles or millions of years ago, but we continue to see their lights. If Sirius had exploded 4 years ago, we would not notice that at the moment because we probably continue to see the same passed light, but now that would become our present.

This sounds pretty poetic right? if you feeling motivated with this, I might suggest watching a movie called 2:22 directed by Paul Currie. Being honest is not wow but i loved the idea of stars and "watch the past", also there is an invent called: "Chronovisor"

Video trailer of 2:22, uploaded by Movieclip Trailers on Youtube.

One day at 2:22 an astronomical event makes the day repeat every time... if you want more check the trailer. Let's keep with the post!  

Small thoughts...

There is a Coldplay song, in which I have always been fascinated by his video clip titled "Atlas", where we can travel through space seeing anthropomorphic shapes in the constellations and asking myself a question that I have always had, isn't the relationship of the starlight with the people around us?                   


A Woman Watching the Beautiful view

The light of some stars as well as the life of some people continues to echo in our present and is an undeniable part of our reality, here and now.
"You were my ghost".
INTERSTELLAR (2014) dir. Christopher Nolan


  appartment, at home, at tableThe departure of many, chosen or inevitable, always leaves a mark on us. And... it is kept as a memory on a daily basis.I even dare to say that many times that it becomes inherent in us and ceases to be something external to become a living extension of us.

I usually notice it in the things I hated and now love because the people around me loved, so I learned to love things that my ex, my parents, grandparents, and friends loved... 

One of them is coffee, and damm, how much I love coffee now, especially on this lockdown... another of these things is the old songs of Los Tres Ases. Talking about coffee, did you noticed the big gap of Starbucks (SBUX) in the market of assets? The gap was epic, their stocks are up and up, seems like a pretty uptrending bounce back post-pandemic, find out more here : SBUX STOCK 

White Ceramic Cup on Map

So ... what is really alive and present?

This question goes rounding my head whole night long...because we are looking the sky and keep watching the light shinning, but the light could be dead and we wouldn't even notice it, because the distance is too long to let us know when the light is really there or is just an "echo of a distant memory".

Silhouette of Person Holding Glass Mason Jar

So what is the proof that we are alive too? If we are not just an echo or something else, or this is just a dream, how many things we can remember because the only thing that we have is NOW. 

Before to tell me something or have a conclusion consider this:

Currently, the process of remembering is like "Wikipedia" according to Elizabeth Loftus. This is because memory is not like a tape recorder because memories are interpretations and we can unintentionally create artificial memories.

(If you like animes I suggest you to watch "Plastic Memories")


In the 1990s, this expert 

▷ Biografía de LOFTUS, ELIZABETH (1944) PsicoActiva】

Elizabeth Loftus (Picture extracted from Twitter: @eloftus)

demostrated how people inadvertently alter their memories, especially in cases of sexual abuse. They also developed techniques for implanting memories that can affect the future.


If we know that we can create artificial memories, and we see that we are able to look at the past, is not just an artificial illusion the whole world? because when we are reading this, we are already thinking that we were reading this because before you entered here, you knew that you will read, and now that you are reading and watch this, you think that you read, but what doesn't guarantee you that you are in a blank room and are just part of an experiment with artificial memories that someone created to make you think that you are here... with me maybe.

What is the proof of your existence?  First of all, no one. Just your experience, that in fact we know it could be artificial, so... and in some parts real. We can clarify this, talking with some of our friends or family, look up how many memories are re-creating artificially because we are not perfect when we talk about memories... These kinds of thinking is based in the "presentism theory" 


"Presentism" : According to this movement neither the future nor the past exists. In some cases, their view is extended to ideas and objects like stars, or the things we were talking about before. So, events ad entities that are "past" or "future" do not exist at all...

also makes me think on "Eternalism": which is the opposite of Presentism, and goes with the theory of growing block of time, which allows us to think that the past events like old battles and past entities really exist, without care that they are not in the present, "so like the death stars" and this theory also extends the future vents as well...  (pretty much Schrodinger and multiverse theory maybe ? here huh?)

Archivo:Schrodingers cat.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

 If we think about the distance, just theory, if we go far we can, far enough like were the stars that we see shining are, we could see us in the earth? like a mirror of the past... MAYBE? if we have the technology, so, in fact, that would be a time travel ? or what would be?






“We are the ghost of our children’s future”


If we think about this, and maybe use a more emotional thought, wouldn't hunches being a signal from the future that we lived or living now, so it's like an interception where we are talking with us through our memories? like remembering... in fact this is pretty eternalism thought right? I'm a bit of both I think... so... It's interesting that a scientific named: Jean Michell Garnier talked about this with a theory called: "Doubling Time Theory", this theory could explain the quantum connection of double living in an imperceptible time. 

"(...)The fact that time and different time exists at the same time is based in the same idea  "that the world in which I live, is a world that is perceived as nobody well and or which I think that is unique is because I ignore this thing of "doubling time theory" I ignore for instance that almost everything on the universe is unperceivable. The fact that the universe that we see and everything that we see only represent a 5% and the part than we don't see and only know because that it exists, because are force relationship between observable and the unobservable we call it dark energy, dark matter but we don't know where we can find it and why it precisely because we did not truly understand what is time and what we think that is just the continuum of time that is totally demonstrated and proven by science and we don't see what we can call time is a simple sequence of moments. Is something that we can see in medical imaginary that our brain only capt certain moments, we always have empty frames like in movies, like empty lips in the moments with subliminal images that we do not perceive and also subliminal times that we do not perceive".
(Jean Pierre Garnier Malet 2014 - Interview by FreeMind Project)


What they are for? Well, Jean Pierre, says we need to understand the properties of time like how we did with space from our own observation.

An example he gives is: In the instant in which i think, i know that im creating the consequences of my own tought and this consequence can be lived out by anyone so it's something that we should now in order to live with it. (Idea by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet - Interview by FreeMind Project)

Here is an interesting interview if you wonder about what I'm talking:  

 If you watched the video, you would probably have these thoughts:


and maybe think about what is happening with our dreams, they are another live that we are living and instant forget when we wake up?

maybe is our another quantum live, who knows... if you like that idea (watch "Kimi no nawa" / "Your name")


and read this poem by one of the greatest minds of the poem world:

If the dream was (as they say) one
truce, a pure rest of the mind,
Why, if they wake you up abruptly,
Do you feel like a fortune has been stolen?

Why is it so sad to get up early? The time
strips us of an inconceivable gift,
so intimate it's only translatable
in a torpor that the vigil gilds

of dreams, which may well be reflections
trunks of the treasures of the shadow,
of a timeless orb that is not named

and that the day deforms in its mirrors.
Who will you be tonight in the dark
dream, on the other side of your wall?

"The Dream - Jorge Luis Borgues"

(Extract from Libro de sueños1976 found @ Poemario.org )

Backing again to the what is real and memories.... 

Perhaps the music and the painting oscillate a nuance of this feeling but ... not enough... (pretty close but not) they are just like distant caresses that comfort our hearts momentarily... (This reminds me a song called "Comforting Sounds"

Despite being able to consciously forget many facts, I think we do not forget the way we feel to feel like the premise of the movie "Interstellar"

INTERSTELLAR (2014) dir. Christopher Nolan 






I think that I don't need to suggest you watch Interstellar because you already watched it or going to watch it now. 

“We can invent only with memory”

Alphonse Karr


I think this idea have been traveling for a while in the cinema 4496e7fb7d5e12623b5bd0947bc9269bbb435bbaf95c3195b0030d78bbca3b42.png 


So what, what is the answer Brian? Well, as Jean Pierre Garnier, I don't want to create a consequence in you, so I'll let you the answer open to discover it,and only let you know what scientists have been talking about : If the stars explode we would die in an instant and would never know that it happened. So maybe we are just dead and part of a distant echo from somebody that is reading or just read this post? Or we are just minutes before it, what it would be ? we will not know yet, just according the data, some events would happen tomorrow or in 500000 years and it matters? no, because we wouldn't notice it, or if we do, nah we would be just dead. HAHA, but well... just toughts... me , the scientificts and everybody have just toughts, remember we only know the 5% of the universe and  that is not fair to say "know"


I have my thoughts, pretty much close to eternalism but with some changes... I might share it with you in another post. I hope you enjoyed this whole journey that I'm having. And let me know what you think in the comments below!





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