:: Vita Nuova…Homo Nuova* ::


In the age of idiocracy

The holy arrogancy

In holy alliances

Only us, the revealed, the indeed

The Sapiens myths that exist.


In mega fictions ‘n’ masses

The law art of deceptions

The unnecessary means by all language answers.


In the age of new-ism

New order out of chaos

Out of the curiosity, immense

Questions and renaissance.


Now end of history is quenchable

And a new story, our inventible

Surviving the conceived questionable.


*Vita Nuova…Homo Nuova, in Latin language means “New Life…New Human”.

This poem was published on Qmunicate Magazine online edition.

Photo credit by Mazigh Buzakhar


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Digital mindset, devotee of data-ism. Passionate traveller, aesthete and poet.

Awal n Tidet (Words of Truth)
Awal n Tidet (Words of Truth)

Awal n Tidet, in Amazigh/Berber language means "Words of Truth". This blog consist some collections of my poems. I believe poetry is an art of words, painting meanings beyond metaphor.

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