:: Arra n Tafat* ::
Tunis old decorative door photo by Mazigh 2013

:: Arra n Tafat* ::

Serendipity the birth of life, you see the sky

I see the bright light

Matters out of existence, descends apart

Time is only yours

Away from the timeless rules

In the age of questions

Calamity beyond codes


A new divinity

A new ideology

In the age of identity

The unnatural, the unknown ...opacity

I ask ... Arra n Tafat


In the age of time

Your glory deemed high

Your voice enormous law

Your passion beyond the ego

O, Children of light


You came, you saw, you conquered fear

Sailing afar, breaking silence of dawn

Resist against the norm

Rebel against the odds

Learn to know

That the Eternal is yours

A Free soul, of free mind


*Arra n Tafat, which means in Amazigh/Berber language Children of Light.

This poem published in anthology themed “Jubilation” 2018/2019 edition by ICWS University of York.

Photo credit by Mazigh Buzakhar



Digital mindset, devotee of data-ism. Passionate traveller, aesthete and poet.

Awal n Tidet (Words of Truth)
Awal n Tidet (Words of Truth)

Awal n Tidet, in Amazigh/Berber language means "Words of Truth". This blog consist some collections of my poems. I believe poetry is an art of words, painting meanings beyond metaphor.

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