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Brave Browser Misses Huge Audience on Soundcloud

By Aleen | Awakened Alien | 11 Aug 2020

Brave browser has met with success by supporting publishers across several platforms that have adopted its services for tip based support such as; Youtube, Reddit, Vimeo, and even custom website domains.

If you will just take a moment to visit you will see there are some pretty impressive adoption numbers but one number might stick out like a sore thumb.

Brave Browser has missed a huge audience on Soundcloud touting a literal ZERO for publishing authors setup to receive Brave Browser BAT rewards.

There is no competition at all for musicians to receive tips besides the content creators on other platforms at this point. Considering that most people have become accustomed to a musical life I cannot imagine my life without it and I know many others feel the same.

As a visual artist who studies marketing it was like a dream come true to discover decentralized profit systems and the BAT Browser Publisher Rewards but it seems the music industry more specifically the SoundCloud userbase has yet to catch on to the value in blockchain technology.

From a marketing standpoint this is a chance of a lifetime for musicians to be heard and supported by the blockchain!

So what gives? Are Soundcloud musicians too good for Brave Browser BAT rewards? Are they too cool? 

Many musicians/artists are often so focused on survival that expressing themselves with music is just a coping mechanism and they arent truly seeking fame or fortune.

Obviously we love and respect all musicians and artists who create quality content on Brave and that is why the option exists for SoundCloud users to become authored publishers and receive Brave Browser BAT rewards.

I encourage all readers to urge your musician friends to join the blockchain revolution!

One good reason to use Brave just as your daily browser would be getting paid to browse about 20 BAT per month by my usage standards.

As a Brave Browser Rewards publisher your content has the potential to gain much more than 20 BAT per month depending on it's popularity.

Currently there are Youtube publishers who are making upwards of $1000 a month! They receive Brave Browser Rewards from simply signing up as an authored publisher and doing what they already do.

These Youtube publishers already have a large base of followers who actively engage their content but with such an open market on Soundcloud there is really no telling what the results would look like for musicians who take advantage of this situation.

If you are a musician who posts to Soundcloud please use my link below to sign up for Brave!


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