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By avro | avroiphoneography | 7 Mar 2022

As a user of Binance, one of the functions that I like the most because of the returns it offers is its launchpad, but also because of the opportunity to learn about new projects in the crypto world.

Thanks to its latest release, I came across STEPN, a “move to earn” fitness app (iOS, Android) that could succeed, as it encourages people to abandon the sedentary life model, allowing its users to earn money just by doing outdoor activities , such as walking or running, using your own token on the Solana network.

Without going into detail, it's basically about acquiring an NFT in the form of a sneaker, and going for a walk or run once power is restored. The amount of energy will define the time available to gain while doing the exercise, and will be determined by the rarity of the shoe as well as the shoe unit hold.
From the outset, the negative part that could stop many people from participating in this project is the obligation to invest to buy a shoe, for which amounts greater than $500 would have to be put.

In the long run, this inconvenience could be positive for those who see this platform as an investment, since, as they explain in their white paper, they will soon activate the shoe rental function, which will allow the profits generated to be shared between the lessor and the lessee. .
The project was launched in August of last year, and according to its roadmap it is expected to end during the fourth quarter of this year. On its website we can see who makes up its team of developers and the best sign of trust is having been selected by Binance for the launch of its GMT governance token.

I am not in favor of play to earn games, since the vast majority, beyond speculation with possible benefits, do not provide anything positive, even they are not even fun, instead STEPN encourages sports with the same functionality of the previous.

If you are one of those who find it difficult to go for a walk, or instead you are a true runner and you have $500 left over, you could use this app and start making your kilometres profitable.

Thank you very much for your time.


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