Splinterland's Weekly Battle Challenge: Spineback Turtle

This week battle challenge featured the Spineback Turtle and I can say it is my favourite card to use. I trust this card in tank position and it is really a nice card of 4 mana and in my level at level 5 , it has thorns too.


But I like to use this card with my Dragon Summoner that give +1 melee attack.


This rule set "little league" is one of the favourite ruleset for me to showcase the real power of this card using the Dragon Summoner Daria Dragonscale. The team that I am sharing below is my favourite combination and when you see this combination in battle and how this combination tear apart the enemy team in mere 2 rounds, then you will really able to see that how dangerous this combination can prove in "Little league" ruleset.

My team in order: Daria Dragonscale (Summoner), Spineback turtle, Manticore, Crustacean King, Pirate Captain, Naga WindMaster and Fire Spitter.

Opponent team in order: Malric Inferno(Summoner) , Cerebus, Goblin Shaman, Serpentine Spy, Kobold Miner, Fire Beetle and Doctor Blight.

Rationale behind my team.

I used Daria Dragonscale as summoner that give +1 melee attack to my team. Spineback turtle has thorns ability and it has armor too so it make perfect tank in little league. I used Manticore at second position to assist my tank attack. Crustacean King give 2 armor to my team, Pirate Captain give me +1 melee attack to my team. Naga Windmaster reduce the attack of enemy ranged attack and Fire Spitter at tail has flying ability so it is hard for enemy monster to attack my tail.

Let move to the battle


This is the team with all summoner and monster abilities enabled.


End of First round and 4 of enemy monster down and I yet to loose one.

Link to Battle id

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