Splinterland's Battle Challenge: Black , Gold and Red , all Dragons fighting for their glory.

Splinterland's Battle Challenge: Black , Gold and Red , all Dragons fighting for their glory.

This week Splinterland's Battle challenge featured Dragon as theme and Dragons are my favorite monster especially Dragon Summoner Daria Dragonscale and Delwyn Dragonscale and based on summoner , I decide my lineup for dragon Summoners.


Above, Image of Black Dragon Spreading it's wings.

When I got the below Rule set , I decided to go for Dragon Summoner Delwyn Dragonscale.




Delwyn Dragonscale is great as it give +1 magic attack to my team and introduce Black Dragon in team that will be having flying ability that will make it immune to "Earthquake ruleset" and "Blast" will help in having life leech for Black Dragon.

My team in order: Delwyn Dragonscale (Summoner) , Lord Arianthus , Prismatic Energy, Djinn Oshannus, Black Dragon, Sea Genie and Water Elemental.

Opponent team in order: Delwyn Dragonscale (Summoner) ,
Gelatanious Cube, Lord Arianthus , Red Dragon,Gold Dragon, Sandworm and Ruler of the Sea.

My Rationale for the team
If you the ruleset, you will notice that it only allow Water and Dragon Summoner and I got strong intuition that opponent will also go for magic attack heavily. So in first 2 position I have put Lord Arianthus and Prismatic Energy that will reflect the opponent magic attack. Djinn Oshannus has nice swiftness and good health so it is a good fit. Black Dragon and Sea genie have flying ability and Life leech of Black Dragon make it perfect for this ruleset. Water Elemental has healing and high swiftness, so let it protect the tail.

*Let move to the Battle


Above is the screenshot with all Summoner and monster abilities in effect. Did you noticed that my opponent has Level 10 Summoner against my Level 5.

After end of first round, teams look like above , Doesn't my team look in bad shape?
let's wait how team look after Earthquake effect has taken place.


Equation changed even without firing a shot , because if you see now , my team has high swiftness, so if all going to hit first with blast, opponent rarely do have any chance.


So at start of Round 3 , after Earthquake, I have won the battle.

Link To battle

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