Splinterland Weekly challenge: Captain Ghost

Water summoner is my favorite summoner and I love the magic attack though void and reflect can damage your attack quite badly. Anyway when I saw the challenge requiring Captain's ghost then I was all in for the challenge.


Captain's Ghost.png


When I get ruleset of odd one out, I decided to use captain ghost because it is 7 mana monster having affliction and coupling it with crustacean king for healing, and Lord Arianthus a strong defender in front.




My team in order: Alric Stormbinger( Summoner),Lord Arianthus,Wave Runner,Crustacean King,Pirate Captain,Captain's Ghost and Water Elemental.
Opponent team in order: Lyanna Natura(Summoner),Nectar Queen,Brownie,Mushroom Seer,Screeching Vulture,Sand Worm and Earth Elemental.

Let discuss the team


Alric Stormbringer.png

My Water Summoner to give +1 in magic attack.



Lord Arianthus.png

It is nice defender with thorn,void and shield.



Wave Runner.png

It has nice swiftness and reach ability to do the melee attack.



Crustacean King.png

It give nice armor protection to all friendly monster and have healing for the first monster.



Pirate Captain.png

I included it for its "inspire" ability and high swiftness. Not really looking to snipe.



Captain's Ghost.png

Only Magic attack monster in my team. I am hoping that it will keep hitting for Affliction.



Water Elemental.png

Heal,High swiftness make it ideal choice to defend the tail. Strong attack is plus point.


Let's move to battle



Team stats after all summoner and monster abilities are in effect. Sand worm and screeching vulture is looking dangerous to me.




Although there is no loss in round 1, but I am sure that opponent screeching vulture will definitely take down my crustacean king. I am also fearing if opponent sandworm will bring down my Water Elemental too. I am sure that I will take down opponent room seer.mush




Unexpected to me, 4 monster of opponent are down in round 2 vs 1 of my team. With that my path to victory is clear.

Battle id

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Avid gamer interested in blockchain.

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