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Uniswap Scams Alert : Avoid these sites at all cost

By bossin | Average Crypto Guy | 19 Sep 2020

This post is to inform you of the current cybercriminals sites posing as Uniswap online.

This is not in any way saying that Uniswap is bad but warning you guys of any fraudulent sites you see claiming to give tokens but instead trying to steal Ethereum.

The real sites are uniswap.org and app.uniswapp.org.

I did not bother checking the scam sites myself and even if I did I have extensions which do a good job of preventing me from staying on  malicious sites.

A good chrome extension like MetaMask will warn once entering most of these phishing sites.

Ethereum Phishing Scam

I have equally come across some fraudulent ads on google search claiming to give Uniswap for Ethereum.



  • Uniswap.com
  • Uniswapdex.org
  • Uniswap.site

This list may be small but make you share if you know or have seen other fake sites. Uniswap tokens are still be been dashed out as of today's writing so this means these fraudulent acts may continue.


I have not written a guide on how to do this but you can easily search for a helpful post on publosh0x on how to get Uniswap tokens. Thanks for reading and have a pleasant day everyone.



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