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Mother's Day is late

By autohn | autohn | 12 May 2020

mother is a blessing of GOD in our lives, she first thinks about her child and does everything that she can do for her child. mother love is unconditional, her love does not change according to our financial status. many people said that men are more successful but nobody noticed that she born that successful man and spend her whole life taking care of her children, even they sacrifice their dreams for their children.

this mother's day is so special for me because this time I bought a suit and cake for her. before, I didn't gift anything to her because I didn't have money because I am not the person who saves money lol. thanks to uptrennd, now I am financially stable to do something special for my mom. 

my mom is so happy today because I surprised her with cake and suit. she the one who helps me and understands me every time. she did so many sacrifices for me. before a 1 month, my photography sir asked students to buy DSLR and that was my first week in university. we already paid a high fee because it is a private university. I didn't tell this to my family for almost a week but then I realized that anyhow I had to buy a camera. after a week, I told her that I need a DSLR and in just 5 minutes she said ok and the next day she bought me a camera and spent her committee money which she collects in 2 years. 

mothers do many things for us 1 day is not enough to appreciate them but you feel them special by gifting something. if you are not financially stable then just make a card and give her, i am sure she will love it because your love is more important for her than your gift price. :)

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