Australia 2020 Maidenwell Queensland (Nov25)

By Goodsoul | Australia 2020 | 25 Nov 2020

f17b7e8f699a9ab314bd784f933548c0c5c226912014cf84f41137118df2bccd.pngThis is us when we arrived at Maidenwell looking for the waterfall to swim in. After a two hours drive from the Coast we walked down the stairs to find our waterfall was nothing more than a waterhole. Still looked fascinating though.



After a short, cooling swim we went back into town to check out the free camp Maidenwell in Queensland provides.

It was one of the best free camps I have stayed in, in the last 11 month of travelling around Australia.

Free showers, what a luxury :) 

We ended up staying for 2 nights and were starting to miss the sea and coastline of Queensland. 

Well we took the beautiful drive back to sunshine coast.

I'll leave it with that for today and show you guys a couple more impressions of our last weeks travelling from Northern Queensland to the Sunshine Coast.



Photos of our visit to Brisbane on the 20th of November 


Beachside in Queensland Oct/November 2020


And the last picture for today from Cape Hillsborough, Anna and me we love Kangaroos and we got up early enough to see the most amazing animals right on the beach. 


All the best guys please take care, stay healthy and if you like you can click on the link to previous posts of our travel here in Australia.

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Anna and Chris aka Goodsoul



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Australia 2020
Australia 2020

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