CryptoExchange OOOBTC. Overview.

By Aurum | Aurum | 25 May 2019

  The development of new crypto-biology projects, the launch of ICO and Pre-mine for them, has become commonplace. And every new exchange is trying to create the kind that it offers its users something completely new. And these unique features are only available on their platforms. But the reality is that everything possible for practical and convenient use of crypto exchanges-already offered on a set of crypto exchangers. And participating in ICO and Pre-mine in various crypto exchangers is a waste of time and money. It is better to study advantages of already working crypto-exchange platform, than about another planned.
   And the OOOBTC exchange is one of the functioning. OOOBTC is a crypto exchange, which has successfully started and works. This platform enables each real user (who has provided his/her real passport data and selfies) to take part in the crypto economy. And all this in the presence of a convenient interface and reliable protection of the financial resources of users.



OOOBTC offers and guarantees to its user:

  • Support many languages, when working with the platform. It is English, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Indonesian. This language support attracts many users from different countries and continents.
  • Presence of a strong security system. The passage of the 2-factor verification system, provides greater protection to each user, when storing their funds on the platform. Each user must pass 1 or 2 levels of verification to withdraw funds. In case of incomplete verification, you can display amounts up to 0.4 BTC, if you successfully complete the check-sum up to 100 BTC.
  • Presence of rare altcoins. Large stock exchanges only earn on transactions with large crypto currencies. OOOBTC also works with them, but there are rare altcoins also on this exchange. This gives the opportunity for the beginning of projects to participate and try their hand at the huge crypto economy.
  • Presence of own token – OBX. The total number of coins is 3 billion pieces. 35% of which are designed to develop and increase the number of users (Bounty, Airdrop).
  • Flexible system of commissions, when working on the platform. The exchange offers different sizes of commissions, with some currencies – the Commission in general is 0%. Information here.

   OOO BTC is a successful crypto-biology, which is loved by many users from different countries. The presence of 2 factor system of each user's verification, provides each user with a more reliable system of protection of their finances.

You can know more about OOOBTC here;

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Bitcointalk name: rafaelyarulin
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OBX Address: 0x8ed61212bec398324d6b1bd239f3cdcd1c47ca3c

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