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By Aurum | Aurum | 24 May 2019

 Security and safety of money, without detriment to the interface-this is a distinguishing feature of a few cryptomarkets. And it is OOOBTC refers to such.
  Registration on the Exchange OOOBTC is combined with increase of safety level and has the qualitative distinctive features.
  In order to create an account, you need to enter the mailing address and come up with a strong password. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account.
  After passing the registration, it is advisable to configure two-factor authentication. Without activation of this protection system, it will be impossible to withdraw funds from your Exchange account.
  To do this, on the Account page, click the "MyCenter" tab, next to "Google Authenticator", click "Verify".
  Verification must be completed in order to increase the level of safety and security of your account. It is possible to start working at the OBBC without passing the verification, but the limit is set for withdrawal of funds in the amount not more than 0.4 BTC.
  To do this, you need "My Center" – "KYC Certificatory" – in front of the item "Personal Certificate" (after completing the full verification, from your account you can withdraw amounts up to 100 BTC).


  • First and last name, country of residence and passport number must be specified. Then you need to upload 3 photos:
  • Cover your Passport
  • Passport reversal with personal data
  • Its selfies with a sheet of paper containing the inscription OOOBTC and date, as well as a detailed passport. Personal verification checks the site administration manually and the full user verification may take some time.

A coin of OOOBTC crypto-exchange.

  OOOBTC crypto-exchange has released its own token – OBX. The coin is released and works on Ethereum. The total number of coins is 3 billion pieces. 35% of which is spent on development and increase of popularity of the Exchange (Bounty, Airdrop).
  The security system provides a reliable system of protection of users, their actions on the exchange and reliably protects the means of users.

The commission of OOO BTC crypto-exchange.

The Commission on the exchange is small, relative to its competitors.

комиссия оообтк.png


Contact the administration/Support service.

Contact the site administration is possible directly on the website. Go to the "Support" tab, after you click the "Submit a Request" tab.



  OOO BTC is a large crypto-exchange, registered in Singapore. Allows anyone wishing to take part in the world market of cryptocurrency exchange without any difficulties. Ensuring the protection of its users and the security of their funds is the first place in OOOBTC and it attracts many participants.

You can know more about OOOBTC here;

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Bitcointalk name: rafaelyarulin
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OBX Address: 0x8ed61212bec398324d6b1bd239f3cdcd1c47ca3c

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