The Arbitrum airdrop will allow more than 600,000 addresses to obtain ARB tokens, i.e. 23.5% of the total addresses on the Arbitrum blockchain. On average, 1,895 ARB tokens will be distributed to addresses eligible for ARB airdrop.

Distribution of ARB tokens to over 625,143 addresses on the Arbitrum blockchain

Following the announcement of the Arbitrum airdrop and its ARB token just a few days ago, a study by Blockworks Research revealed that more than 600,000 addresses were eligible for airdrop.

Among these figures, we find various data such as :

  • 1895 ARB per address on average;
  • 4,428 addresses will receive the maximum number of ARB tokens after meeting the full allocation requirements;
  • 23.5% of the total addresses are eligible for Arbitrum airdrop.


As a reminder, Arbitrum is a layer 2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to improve the scalability of the ecosystem. The creation of the ARB token will allow the community to make important decisions thanks to its decentralised governance made possible by its DAO.

In total, the ARB crypto tokenomics foresees the circulation of up to 10 billion tokens. In terms of distribution, the Arbitrum community will control 56%, with the remaining 44% going to investors and employees of Offchain Labs, the development company behind the platform.

In addition, ARB tokens reserved for investors and staff will be subject to vesting periods, a process of releasing tokens so that unlocking is gradual and does not create too much selling pressure on the cryptocurrency.

An airdrop that promises to be historic?

Since the official announcement, the whole community is preparing and the least we can say is that the airdrop is highly anticipated. Indeed, unlike others, platforms such as Bybit are mobilising and offering $25 rewards for the fastest users to deposit ABR on the exchange.



Nevertheless, you will have to be particularly quick to try to win the $25 put at stake by the cryptocurrency exchange platform because it will be the first deposits that will be eligible with the rule: first come, first served.

Indeed, with the volume of transactions expected, this type of operation is particularly interesting for the exchange platforms that expect a massive influx of tokens since their addresses are not eligible.

In addition, many speculators try to imagine the price of the ARB at the time of the distribution of the token, suggesting rather high prices like nearly $8.30 on the following chart.


Finally, be careful if you are considering buying ARB as volatility will be very high during the first few hours. Many automated robots and scripts will allow the more ingenious to make substantial profits from this distribution.

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