Trust your Struggle

Trust your Struggle

By Atypunj | Aty_talks | 24 Jul 2020

Life exists with different sorts of daily tussle, every day journey brings up a new challenges in accomplishment of dreams.

A fact, the mere existence of life is unknown to each person; sometime even the selection of lifestyle becomes doubtful. The achievement of any personal goal and attainment of a lifetime dream is so uncertain but we all live in a rat race world

For me most are battling with something or other and for me it's Procrastination, it could also be a universal struggle and it’s important to jog your memory once you fall prey thereto that a) you’re not alone, and b) you’re not lazy.

On the contrary, most procrastinators will tell you that they’d much rather preferably be working but desire they can’t. This is often because they’re c by the complexity or the sheer number of tasks on their to-do list; not knowing where to start; or simply feeling a bit like the day is spiraling out of control because of trouble awakening or a derailed morning routine.

To make matters worse, developing good, productive work habits are often as laboriously difficult as developing unhealthy time-wasting routines like mindlessly scrolling through social media.

Fortunately, there are sort of incredibly useful tools which can assist you head plenty of the problems that cause procrastination off at the pass. One suggested way of avoiding procrastination traps is to maximize your focus by completing one task at a time; and make new workflows which can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

Striving hard motivates everyone and helps us in living up self expectation

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