Creator's Creation

Who IS "God"?

By attilioCesare | attilio-Cesare Lives | 19 Sep 2021

i have come to believe that


created ALL that IS

starting by taking a piece of HerSELF:


and created:


which together resulted in:


naturally multiplying with the abundance

of the self sacrifice of Love

allowing for us all to number

like the trees, birds and bees!


Just as when any of Creator's creation

offers and gives of itself freely in Love, as Creator DID,

the gifts are always returned

to the giftor sevenfold.

This is the Law of Creator's Creation!

di Abbondanza!!


NOW, more on who i believe "he" could BE...

quite possibly, "he" could be "Gadreel",

the "real god" of this Earthly realm...

the "architect / builder of God"...

the jester/prankster who, according to the "Book of Enoch",

was the snake in the "Garden of Eden", who tempted "Eve"

and, who continues to tempt / deceive /manipulate all of ManKIND

into beLIEving we are "hue-man BEings"

when, to be "Human", IS to be a stained / colored / hued "Man"

by the pranksters "Color of Law"...

not Creator's Law of Abundance

but that of artificial limitation and lack.

Don't fall for the lies, none of what we are shown artificially is REAL.

Only Creator's Natural Creations ARE!


BE in ManKIND's Naturally perfect State of BEing...

as opposed to the perfectly fucked-up hue-man stain of being!



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natural born Californian, who has learned to become uneducated to those Lies taught in mind-control (government) schools, myself!👑

attilio-Cesare Lives
attilio-Cesare Lives

this blog is where attilio-Cesare di Guadagno famiglia, and naturally-born on the Land of the California Republic, constituted [1849], shares posts highlighting his adventures Living within his inbodyment sojourning across the perfectly lovely physical and natural Earth plain-of-existence. in-Joy and thank you for visiting and yOUR notice! 👑

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