Q:  are you okay?

Q: “are you okay/good?”

By attilioCesare | attilio-Cesare Lives | 17 Jun 2022

A: heaven-no! i am so far beyond mediocre / “okay” / “good”, that i don’t even remember what it feels like to feel “good” / average any longer!
personally, i feel i am outstanding (as i stand outside of the crowds of the normal and/or average person)

i believe all is perfect, myself! …even when something appears to be imperfect, from One’s own perspective, i see it as perfectly F’ed-Up! ...and, thus, still perfect!!

allow me to share a quote from the “Book of Creation”, the first book of The “Egyptian Texts of the Brozebook” (the first of “the first six books of ’The Kolbrin Bible’”) on the subject:

CRT:4:17 ‘God is good, and from good, evil cannot come. He is perfect, and perfection cannot produce imperfection. Only the limited understanding of man sees imperfection in that, which is perfect for its purpose.’” 💥

today is:
Mayan Long Count Calendar

Haab Calendar

Tzolkin Calendar
{9 = “patience”; “Akbal” is symbolized by “night” and represents the “womb of creation and bringer of the dawn”}

attilio-cesare blisslocks tzolkin (count of days)

...and, the 82nd anniversary of being born for mi papa:
a man known by:
guadagno, luigi-giuseppi

much love and celebration of life to he, and all of us living today!

by: guadagno, attilio-cesare

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natural born Californian, who has learned to become uneducated to those Lies taught in mind-control (government) schools, myself!👑

attilio-Cesare Lives
attilio-Cesare Lives

this blog is where attilio-Cesare di Guadagno famiglia, and naturally-born on the Land of the California Republic, constituted [1849], shares posts highlighting his adventures Living within his inbodyment sojourning across the perfectly lovely physical and natural Earth plain-of-existence. in-Joy and thank you for visiting and yOUR notice! 👑

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