Eyewitness account of fireball hovering & streaking across Los Angeles night sky.

By attilioCesare | attilio-Cesare Lives | 13 Jan 2022

a free speech bastion: BASTYON.COM... See the video and my commentary here!

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natural born Californian, who has learned to become uneducated to those Lies taught in mind-control (government) schools, myself!👑

attilio-Cesare Lives
attilio-Cesare Lives

this blog is where attilio-Cesare di Guadagno famiglia, and naturally-born on the Land of the California Republic, constituted [1849], shares posts highlighting his adventures Living within his inbodyment sojourning across the perfectly lovely physical and natural Earth plain-of-existence. in-Joy and thank you for visiting and yOUR notice! 👑

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