My First Dirty Bomb Gameplay Ever - MYSTORY Nr23
My First Dirty Bomb Gameplay Ever - MYSTORY Nr23

My First Dirty Bomb Gameplay Ever - MYSTORY Nr23


My First Dirty Bomb Gameplay Ever - MYSTORY Nr23

Free Multiplayer Game In 2020


Hello World, Hello Viewers!

Today I fail at the epic free action game Dirty Bomb for the first time.

This free fps game is great in 2020 because I like it.

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_______________ Dirty Bomb _______________

Dirty Bomb for the first time and it is epic




Hello World!

Dirty Bomb is amazing and free and a great online multiplayer game that has many players in 2020.

I am glad that I could play this because I like the precise gameplay and the old school wall-jumps.

Yes! This game has advanced movement mechanics that allow classic gameplay together with modern dynamic fps experiences.

In the case that I sound like a professional game reviewer I want to apologize.




This amazing epic gameplay features this free online multiplayer action fps game because I wanted to try it.

I know that this is a weird argument but I have to write something here that is not complete rubbish so I think this is legit.




I heard about Dirty Bomb years ago but this was my first gameplay and I like it as I have mentioned before.

Please like my stuff and give me feedback and feel free to try this amazing game too because it even has some Battlefield vibes to it.




As a competitive action game with multiplayer teams that fight each other it does its job very well.

Features like health packs, turrets, or ammo supplies are working well and the weapons feel very direct and fun to use.




In this section of this blog post I wanted to ask you for some suggestions if I should do more gaming videos or something else.

I am open for suggestions.

This post is of course related to the gaming video.




This might not be the largest channel or blog but I will try to create more content soon.

Feel free to feel free to do something to do something else to help me growing my audience.

Thank you for consuming my content of questionable quality.

Yours Sincerely,



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