Trading Experience with LIONIND and GHLSYS

By Atik Karim | Atik Karim | 16 Feb 2019



Lion Industries Corporation Berhad is a company mainly operate in steel manufacture and marketing. We monitor this company is because after we study the company we found that it is possible for this company to get a huge rebound on the financial performance and share price.


First and foremost, the steel prices have normalized following China’s decision to reduce its output and clamp down on illegal mills, coupled with Malaysia’s safeguard measures, which Malaysia government had adopted new tax on the imported steel. This policy will implement for 3 years. Hence it is a very good news for the local steel industry.

We can look back from the history of the company the company is well manage and having a very huge market share on year 2011 but after the dumping imported steel from china enter to the Malaysia market since 2012 the company face a very hard time due to the high labour cost of Malaysia. The company cannot compete with the manufacturer from china and the financial performance become worsen.


So with the good news for the local steel manufacturer, we believe that the company having a very high potential on its performance due to its advance technology machinery from Italy can improve the efficient of production and reduce the cost. In addition Malaysia only 2 local manufacturer having this technology which is only ANNJOO 6556 and LIONIND 4235 but we choose LIONIND because we saw a potential rebound of performance form our study.

For this counter we decide to entry on RM0.515 with buy in 200 unit and our cut loss point is RM0.48 we choose to entry with a much higher price is because the indicator MACD is show a bullish crossover and the share price is also support by the moving average 10 & 20 days.





After choosing the company from industrial, service, and finance industry to diversify our risk, now we choosing the counter from technology sector.


GHL System Berhad is a company engage in end to end payment services. The company had expand the business to difference countries via its subsidiaries company. The company product include online payment processing gateway and the sale and rental of electronic data.


We choose to monitor this company because this company is the most solid company on the payment gateway after our research compare with other listed competitors. The company is maintain profit performance in the last few years. Beside that the company had expanding the business to Australia. Hence, 2017 will be the harvest year for the company.


We decided to enter the market on 14/2/17. We buy in 100 unit of share on RM0.905. The cut loss point is RM0.875 which is the nearest support point form our enter price.


Thank you for reading. I will be uploading more posts regarding trading in stock market.

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