Closeup portrait of dilute calico cat

It’s National Respect Your Cat Day! March 28, 2021

By CDBeck | AtHome | 28 Mar 2021

It’s national Respect Your Cat Day today!  So take some time to show your cat how much you appreciate them for…

Reminding you that it’s time to take a break.

Cat on laptop

Cat on a laptop

Keeping you company and helping with the garden chores.

Cat with pot

Garden Cat

Your cat doesn’t care if you:

  • Blow off your “to do” list
  • Flunk a test
  • Didn’t call before you dig – or-
  • Burn the dinner…as long as it’s not theirs!

Your cat will always be there for you

  • A warm comforting weight on you lap
  • A soothing purr to calm your nerves
  • A gentle rub to mark you as hers

So take some time today to show your cat your appreciation.  Give her the slow blink, get out her favorite toy for a good play session.  And treats.  Got to have the treats!

              Orange Tabby Cat

Vet-certified Awesome Cat

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