Why DLive Isn’t What You Thought

By Scott Cunningham | Tech And Things | 18 May 2019

DLive could have been great and it’s awesome that PewDiePie endorsed it, but he backed the wrong horse.

You may be wondering…. What is DLive? Is it centralized? Do they support free speech? Are they distributed? Is their coin on exchanges? Will it be viable to invest in at all? How do they utilize the blockchain? What is LINO? Let’s explore these and more.

This is the LINO blockchain overview - https://docsend.com/view/y9qtwb6

They do provide awesome solutions that Twitch doesn't have; like no platform cuts, better reward incentives, and their last main point which is supposed to be decentralized ownership. The thing is, they've been claiming this for years according to their FAQ. They say their network distributes the value back to all the contributors and prevents centralized decisions. It's meant to decentralize and distribute more over time. They even criticize centralized platforms. The thing is, they don't control what DLive does and DLive has censored and banned people off their platform based on their values like Alex Jones. Also given the blockchain isn't launched, this is hardly being upheld and this is all nice in theory, but none of it is applied in execution.

This is their FAQ - https://medium.com/@linonetwork/frequently-asked-questions-about-lino-acd59f33ac0e

It is still in the testing phase and they have no time frame listed. According to their Github commits, their last update was April 12th, so they are at least somewhat developing it.

The thing is, the ideals behind DLive are great, but they rely on LINO. They originally were on Steem and thought to make a switch for more independence though it seems the LINO network has failed them. In their FAQ they even explain that there is no direct relationship between DLive and LINO and that DLive is a third-party application on it. Their FAQ written last April also states they had no ICO, are privately funded, and aren’t publicly traded or sold.

Their website is the 6,927th top site according to Alexa web rankings which is pretty good, but it’s likely mostly from PewDiePie’s support and everyone not realizing that it in no way is censorship-resistant, blockchain integrated, and monetizing with a “real” cryptocurrency. Its currency is just as legit as Twitch Bits, but no more a cryptocurrency than they are. It previously relied on Paypal and now offers payouts in Bitcoin or directly to your bank which is a huge improvement and I’ll give LINO some respect for doing that, but their model just mimics a proof of stake blockchain network and isn’t one.

One of the staff on their discord even said that Alex Jones was banned due to pressure from their vendors meaning they can at any time de-platform you based on pressure from “their vendors” meaning they are not going to uphold free speech and will censor and remove you as needed. You don’t have to violate their terms of services to be removed, you just have to have certain words in your username that aren’t even offensive.


https://www.reddit.com/r/OfficialDLive/comments/bd5u1t/dlive_censoring_alex_jones_infowars_experiment/ - In this Reddit thread they share how all pages that use the words Alex Jones or Infowars will be banned algorithmically.

I say all of this with a heavy heart because I was so thrilled to see PewDiePie’s support, but the main thing is that we have major influencers supporting blockchain technology and or at the ideals of blockchain technology to help propel us towards mass adoption.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

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Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham

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Tech And Things
Tech And Things

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