Trending Up Again – Amateur Investing #24

By Scott Cunningham | Crypto & Things | 3 Apr 2022

Time for another update on my investment portfolio and my passive income journey. In this episode, I cover my regular monthly update sharing what I invest in and why. This is amateur investing at its finest!

*Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and is purely for entertainment purposes. All my stock information is 100% accurate, but my crypto data may or may not be simulated*


I share everything so you can follow everything I’m doing with 100% transparency. The point of doing all this is to show you that it’s possible and provide some sort of framework that can be followed. This isn’t financial advice, and you shouldn’t exactly replicate my investing. What you should do is figure out what works best for you and stick to the basics of dollar-cost averaging, investing in good assets, avoid liabilities, compounding interest, be frugal, buy low, and sell high.


I cover my rules for investing here:

Here is the breakdown for my investing and budgeting templates:

Investing Spreadsheet Template Link:

Income Tracking Spreadsheet Template Link:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template Link:


Below I will list everything for the monthly report:

My new stocks investments in a few Canadian ETFs, namely VDY, PDC, FCCD, and XEI are up about 2.5% on average and doing well.

I am making an average of $179.16 a month from passive income mostly from stock dividends, crypto income, and some from music royalties. I aim to get back up to my previous amount of around $250 as my next milestone. This year I hope to get up to $400 with crypto passive income.


My portfolio is roughly rounded to about 76% crypto, 4% stocks, 2% in precious metals, and 18% in liquid fiat cash. My total annual projected income from passive sources is $2,149.87. $446.30 of those yearly profits come from stock dividends and about $1,700.75 comes from cryptocurrency staking. My continued focus on building my crypto passive income has been fruitful and I will continue to pour money into these investments.


In my last update, my total portfolio value was $272,896 CAD. My current portfolio value with all my investments is $320,579. This is up about $47,683 from last month’s total value. My highest portfolio value ever was around $395,000 which is about 19% higher than where I’m at now. I’m getting close to this again largely based on Ethereum and Bitcoin going back up. I believe we will see new all time highs for these two.


I earned $219.34 CAD from stock dividends, $0 CAD from crypto real estate, and $172.94CAD from the two months of staking ATOM, HBD, and TRX. In total, I have earned about $754.49 CAD from crypto and $1,950.13 CAD from stock dividends.


My portfolio in terms of stock sector breakdown is just 92% into those 4 ETFs noted above and 8% into an investment fund. I’ve completely scrapped my goals for retirement and will be sharing my new goals and strategy in my next update.


For crypto, my main breakdown between ETH & BTC is 59% ETH, and 41% BTC. This is allegedly valued at $207,088.41 CAD at the time of writing this. For privacy crypto, I have about $3,226.44 worth of XMR. For staking crypto that earns me passive income, I have about $16,957 worth of HBD, Hive, TRX, and ATOM. I’ve sold off my MTR and have been powering down my Hive for HBD. I have $10,905 worth of speculative investments in Rune, Luna, and Binance Coin. Lastly, I have $9,568 worth of crypto cash in Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and BUSD.

Every asset class noted above has significantly increased over the last two months and I will continue to grow these and build them up.


I have been investing more into having some fiat cash and precious metals around. I’ve also spent a great deal to fully prepare for emergencies including everything from hunkering down to evacuation and even power outages. I will do a breakdown on that in the future.


Was this helpful for you? What stocks do you invest in? Do you prefer growth investing or building passive income? Do you invest in cryptocurrencies that pay out regularly? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham

I am the host of Crypto & Things and a huge social blockchain enthusiast using what I believe to be the next level of social communication. I make educational content, review platforms, and interview cool people. Links:

Crypto & Things
Crypto & Things

I am the host of Crypto & Things and a huge social blockchain enthusiast using what I believe to be the next level of social communication. I make educational content, review platforms, share my passive & crypto income journey, and most importantly, I get the opportunity to interview and chat with so many amazing people in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tech space every week and share it all with you. Links:

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