How To Earn Tons Of Crypto On Bounty0x

By Scott Cunningham | Crypto & Things | 8 Oct 2019

Bounty0x is a great platform where you can complete bounties for participating in different crypto airdrops.

Hey everyone,

In this screenshot guide, I will take you through my journey of earning a bunch of crypto in bounties on Bounty0x. I liked their post the other day that said even “if you can’t buy crypto, you can always earn it. Become a bounty hunter!” Anyways, I will go through and pick a bunch of posts and show you how easy it is to do.

You can head over to to learn more about the project or get started at


You will start off seeing something like this which is where you can search bounties. So, I’m going to go through and hit the bigger ones to get through this to do it the quickest and easiest! You can filter as needed, but I’m just going for big rewards.

First Bounty – DLike Linkedin


I tried this one out. Checked out DLike and thought it was cool for another Steem interface and I wrote this below

“DLike is a decentralized blockchain social application that runs on the Steem network. I’ve used many different interfaces and I think ones that aim to help highlight and reward the community is a better direction for the platform, so I really appreciate their model giving away Steem and tokens every day. Of all the dapps out there Dlike proves to be one that stands above the rest landing itself in the top 20 on Stateofdapps and 6th on At no cost to you, you can be earning extra Steem using their platform.”

Check it out:


It was a decent enough platform to recommend and they do give away a decent number of tokens every day which is nice. I waited on the confirmation for a while, but that took only about 5 minutes.

Bounty 2

I've been surfing a bit, but a lot need KYC and I am waiting for mine. It makes sense though to have it implemented to avoid spam.


I’ll do just focus on completing some easy bounties:


I went and submitted about 40 so far and 24 have been approved.


You do have to wait for them to check and approve your submissions at their leisure as there are no time constraints aside from the ending of the bounty opportunity. Also, the campaign could be over a very long period of time, so patience is key here.


When you have gotten several submissions approved and received your crypto you’re all set. It’s sent to my Metamask address which I added to my profile under the “My Profile” tab.


We go to check, and it’s all there nicely sent to my Metamask address.


You can also set bounties and become a bounty host. There are currently 23 on the platform, but as this grows there will be more and more.


You can also stake your BNTY as a bounty hunter to pay lower platform fees and submit more disputes if you do a lot of bounty hunting on the platform. You can also withdraw your stake after 30 days.

There are some awesome companies on here. For me, the best were Verasity, Hunt, Helios, and Moozicore from what is currently listed.

Let me know if you like Bounty0x and if you’ve used it or any similar services in the comments below.

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Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham

I am the host of Crypto & Things and a huge social blockchain enthusiast using what I believe to be the next level of social communication. I make educational content, review platforms, and interview cool people. Links:

Crypto & Things
Crypto & Things

I am the host of Crypto & Things and a huge social blockchain enthusiast using what I believe to be the next level of social communication. I make educational content, review platforms, share my passive & crypto income journey, and most importantly, I get the opportunity to interview and chat with so many amazing people in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tech space every week and share it all with you. Links:

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