This is my fifth comprehensive review of blockchain social media platforms

Comprehensive Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review V Part 1

By Scott Cunningham | Tech And Things | 4 Jan 2021

This is my fifth comprehensive review of blockchain social media platforms meant to give you the most thorough resource and reference for finding the next best platforms to use! In this review, I cover about 170 social media platforms that either uses the blockchain in some way or are crypto-monetized.



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Video Timestamps:

00:00 Introduction

04:56 The Review

06:00 Explore More Dapps

07:48 Blockchain Services & Resources

08:42 Platforms That Aren’t Ready

9:00 Old & Not Recommended

13:30 Recommended Before But Not Now

15:48 New & Not Recommended

22:21 Avoid These Platforms

27:30 Platforms With Potential

32:50 Tertiary Recommendations

37:28 Primary Recommendations

45:52 Conclusion & Final Thoughts


The Review:

This will be covering some new platforms not covered in the previous but mainly re-reviewing any applications or websites that weren’t quite to par but weren’t awful from the last review. I will very briefly double-check the awful ones and either add them here if they’ve improved or not include them given, they were in the last one and you don’t need to see the same thing twice.


In the video itself, I go through some of the main recommendations I give and the platforms that I am currently using. I only go through some brief examples of ones not recommended for sake of time and to give some insight as to how I came to my decisions.


One last thing before starting is that I’d like to state my bias. I will look unfavorably on websites that require too much verification like requiring you verify your phone to even browse the platform (several platforms failed to verify mine), require you to spend crypto on every interaction, require Facebook or Google to sign up, websites that are overly centralized, websites that claim to use blockchain but don’t, and most EOS platforms given the challenge it is to use them and all the extra extensions and programs needed that make it almost unusable for mobile. Note that I have included several EOS platforms in the not recommended as I still did go and try them.


I’d also like to state that in a few cases now, I’ve been historically correct with what will or won’t succeed. I said Hyperspace won’t last because they require post-approvals, phone verification to earn when they couldn’t verify a Canadian number, and they lacked features. They shut down likely because they didn’t meet all these criteria and as such, I have continued to apply the same criteria to every platform I review. To see the breakdown of why I chose these categories you can check out this video:


I’ve also done countless interviews with executives from many of these companies and am always looking to chat with more. So, if you or someone you know might want to get their project out there or would like to help connect me with anyone from the companies listed below, I would be very grateful.


Note some of my notes on these platforms are in short-form, so it may not follow perfect sentence structure.

Dapp Directories:

Check these out. There are many chains I didn’t dive into and many apps not worth reviewing. Keep in mind most apps on Steem or Hive for example, are just interfaces and not different platforms so it’s not necessary to explore every single one. -


DappReview - -



Blockchain Resources & Services:

You can find all the resources, services, and music-related blockchain or cryptocurrency projects in another review found here:





This review below will purely focus on social media.


Platforms That Are Not Ready Yet (3):

Most of these have been like this so long, I doubt they will ever release a product.

SocialX - 12 Months + hasn’t been ready – beta signup doesn’t work anymore

Typerium - - 12 Months + hasn’t been ready

LivePeer - Open-Source Video Infrastructure Services, Built On The Ethereum Blockchain. -


Previously Not Recommended And Still Not (92):

You’ve seen a lot of these on the previous and they haven’t improved. I’ve broken this up into certain categories as to why I haven’t recommended them so it’s immediately clear in some cases. Some fit into multiple categories but I will just leave them in one. One that may apply to many platforms below and doesn’t have its own category is if you cannot withdraw your crypto from the platform or it’s extremely challenging to do so. That is an automatic don’t recommend and very sketchy.


Too Niche

These platforms may be great, but they are so niche, that I wouldn’t recommend them to a general audience, but if they fit your niche, they may be interesting for you.

VeriArt - Certified and unique digital art tokens verified on the leading enterprise blockchain. Very niche platform, but great for artists. -

Lumeos - EOS app - Too niche for a social platform (only polling and surveys). So, I didn’t even test this.

Creary – Pretty much only for sharing art. It's still too early on, the community is very small and just too niche, though great for artists -

Tatatu – This just pays you for watching old movies and such. Not bad if you enjoy doing so, but otherwise pretty useless. You’re supposed to also be able to post content too, but when I tried it didn’t work. -

Kuende – Platform is only made up of challenges and is very unique, but I don’t think this has much of an appeal to people looking for a new social platform. It’s more of a gamified bounty/airdrop program. Barely any users - - *This is a cannabis niche platform alternative to Steem. This platform doesn’t exist on the Steem network and has its own separate blockchain unlike the rest listed. I don’t have much of an opinion of it as I haven’t used it more than signing up and posting a couple of times, but if you like marijuana and want to share earn cryptocurrency while engaging with a community based around the topic of marijuana, then this is the place for you. It’s fairly active and works very similar to Steemit.

Scorum – This platform is well set up, but I do not use it because I’m not big on sports or gambling. This is a very niche platform geared for just that. They have their own cryptocurrency and operate similar to Steem, but with a more Minds like blogging style. This is here as a recommendation for those really into the sports niche. I am not recommending it because I personally won’t use it or check up on it to know how things are really going but I highly suggest checking it out if that’s your thing. I won’t look favorably on hyper niche platforms unless they plan to expand like Uptrennd promises.

Appics – This is an application on the Steem network that is essentially Instagram. I’m not a huge fan of it because I don’t really use Instagram and prefer apps that aren’t mobile only. For people who want a blockchain Instagram though I highly recommend it. -


Lacking Media Functionality

These platforms lack media functionality meaning they may not allow pictures or videos and thus lack good content.

U.Community – Can’t embed links or add videos. Also, can’t add any media to blog posts so I didn’t continue using it - (not secure either)

CryptoCommunityWorld – Can’t use symbols in your password which is odd – Couldn’t update my picture – way too many tabs (unnecessary and unorganized) – Feels spammy, there are so many memberships and things to join or pay for on top of everything else – couldn’t post a picture and the site is slow. (restructuring and not accessible)


Mainly Messenger-Based

I don’t care much for messenger alternatives when most social platforms offer messengers within their dapps. This review is mainly for actual social media platform dapps.

Amino Chats and Communities – Amino is interesting, but I really like using the desktop version of applications, and given this is mobile-only, that’s unideal for me. Nonetheless, I’m not a huge fan of small group chat communities so Amino isn’t my thing. If you like Discord/Telegram groups or have enjoyed using node-based social platforms like Mastodon -

Nestree – Blockchain-based messenger with rewards. It's a decent platform, but it’s just for messaging. -

Obisidan – Facebook messenger replacement but requires a download -

CryptoSpeech – Uses the Ethereum blockchain to permanently post messages. However, there are only 120 posts, they are all anonymous, you cannot copy and paste or add media, you can only write 128 characters and the platform really has no goal or direction - – While blockchain-based decentralized secure messenger platforms are awesome and privacy-focused, I don’t consider it a social media platform, but is worth checking out if that’s something you’re looking for.

Status – A messaging application that lets you chat, transact, and use their dapps. I will start by saying that I don’t entirely consider a messaging application a social platform, but there were very few good applications and platforms to review. I’m not a fan of what could easily be a browser solution that requires you to download it on a computer because I just don’t see many people using it. On mobile, however, I think that’s fine, but not on a computer. It does have its own dapp portal which is pretty awesome. They apparently have some of the most dev activity, so they are clearly working hard to improve it. Maybe there is a difference in functionality between the desktop and mobile app, but I found it to be awful. I could only edit my display name and nothing else. Also, every topic I joined like #blockchain and #cryptocurrency had no communication. They don’t show you previous messages, so it honestly seems like no one at all is using it. I don’t see the crypto aspect to this. I get that it’s more secure using blockchain, but do not recommend using it. Just find an encrypted messenger.


Too Much Resistance When Joining Or Using The Platform

They make it too challenging to get started or to use the platform to get adopted.

Onz – You had to download their wallet and I wasn’t sure how the social platform was accessed or utilized. The site was also slow -

PeerTube – Look I’d love to recommend this, but the average user would be confused, and though I understand that true decentralization requires many networks but separating and keeping users in that network with an extremely limited upload space capacity would lead me to not even bother using the platform. Had I joined an instance, there would be 59 others in it only and I’d have the ability to upload 1 or 2 videos before capping out. No crypto or blockchain use and not recommended.

GNUsocial - Hard to find, poor UI, and confusing join process. No crypto or blockchain use.  -

Native Money – You have to contact them in order to sign up which seems pointless and they have more or less abandoned all their social platforms leading me to believe they are not maintaining this project -

Snax – Just another crypto blockchain platform, but they require you to download a mobile wallet or download an extension to use the platform, and honestly at this point having like 50 wallets and more than enough extensions on my browser, I can safely say that no one is going out of their way to use this new platform with a tiny community considering only 100 people have downloaded the application. -

Foresting – It wasn’t ready for the longest time and when it launched, I was unimpressed and underwhelmed. It’s a Korean version of Steepshot but you more so earn their points which you could spend if you lived in Korea on a very limited number of items. It was also slow and didn’t respond very well.

AnTube – From what I could tell, you couldn’t actually use ATT as a cryptocurrency or withdraw it. It’s also not listed on any exchanges. Outside of that, most posts seemed to be very low quality and you were forced to watch ads for 5 seconds regularly that take up your entire phone screen. I’d say this is just an ad traffic money grab. -

Peepeth – Great concept, but it’s a bit cumbersome signing every 15 actions. Used to make you pay for transactions, now it’s free again, but because you have to sign transactions it’s limited to people who understand and use wallets and browsers like Metamask. If they can make it more accessible to anyone, then it could do much better. Lately, I can’t even log in.  - 



Not Working/Lacking Users/No Engagement

This is self-explanatory. It’s either not working, has little to no community, and or no engagement or interaction from the community which may go hand in hand. – Not very intuitive. Not sure how to get ME crypto. Most of the content seems like spam but it’s hard to tell. While there are people posting, there is little to engagement. Usually like 1 like on each post. It seems somewhat like Instagram so maybe these posts are legitimate, but I can’t tell as there’s no substance and it all looks like stock photos. -

Sphere Social – Doesn’t actually use blockchain, just has points, only even lets you use Paypal. It’s an awkward Facebook clone -

OGP – This could go under non-English, no community, or poor verification setup as they only let you sign in via Google or Facebook. The posts on the homepage are over a year old so don’t bother with this one -

Voten – Little to no users and engagement. Top posts had less than 5 likes. -

Diaspora - Too small of a network currently. No crypto or blockchain use. - 

Mastodon - Not a fan of the small hub like setup where you in these echo chambers like Hubzilla, Diaspora, Gnusocial, and more. No crypto or blockchain use. However, it is good for decentralized and distributed social networks. - 

Peertube - No one is using this - 

Alfa – Couldn’t sign up after several attempts. -

Viuly – Doesn’t load anymore -

Whooo – Says they have an Android app, but they don’t. They may have a working IOS app, but I wouldn’t rely on it. It uses the Katlyn network and it supposed to be the first blockchain dating app but doesn’t work.

Cinema.Cash – I signed up and had high hopes for it only to realize they were mostly hosting copyrighted content which was getting taken down regularly and they even took down my video just unboxing a gift from LBRY. It’s clearly not fully functional or very poorly managed. -

Coil – Coil seems interesting and has a medium feel. There is barely anyone using it though currently and its payout system and partners aren’t the best. I wanted the second partner so I could get payouts in BTC, so I go to sign up and it doesn’t work forcing me to use the first payout option in XRP. That’s not a big deal, but it’s not impressive. The reason it’s not recommended is that the top trending articles only have a few likes. It could eventually gain more traction though. I’ve used it for months and gotten 0 interaction. Not recommended. After leaving it for a month and coming back I found that I could not access my account to log in. -

WeYouMe - I think using a picture as a password is the weirdest and the least safe and conventional way to secure an account. It’s also super new and there are very few people on the platform. Most haven’t even added a profile picture. -

JoshWhoTv – I will see how this works, but so far, it’s a bit glitchy and it keeps signing me in and out for some reason. I’m not of fan of the name or of how many background images are of photos that don’t blend well, and it looks like an awkward homemade site with this design. I’m not sure how this uses crypto and it doesn’t seem to say anything about it anywhere, but we shall dive in. Uploading content is interesting. Recent uploads even as of 48 hours ago have 0 views and top videos have less than 300 views and some are over 7 months old. Like BitTube, most of the content just seems to be plagiarized and not original. This place really reminds me so much of BitTube. Like BitTube it does have a great import feature, but that’s really its only redeeming quality. You also get notifications for their top live streamers which is annoying and something I don’t want. Many times, where it is down or not working. - – Uses Tron and though I’m not sure how legit their withdrawals and monetization is, I was able to earn $300 of their coin Friendster in about 10 seconds. There are not many people using it and the main person posting and earning tips is the owner who forced you to follow him when you originally sign up which seems unethical. It shows he is the only one as the most tipped over the last 24 hours with his profile repeated 5 times for some reason and while I see the merit, it’s just so underwhelming. To access the full features of the platform you have to pay either $3 weekly, $9 monthly, $99 yearly, or $199 for a lifetime subscription which to me sounds like they are trying to get money from the suckers who actually think this will go somewhere. This feels like a bad MeWe. You can’t even use the money you earn to buy the plans. When I go to my wallet, I cannot withdraw my points and the only option is gives you to withdraw is your email. -

DLike – This is an interface of Steem that also has its own token – It functions similarly to Steemit but you’re able to earn Steem and DLike tokens. They only have 2700 users on here so I don’t know how relevant it is, but hey if you want to earn tokens on top of the Steem you get, this may be for you

Adorin – UI is okay, functionality is decent. It’s essentially Facebook, but there’s little to no users or engagement and it could use some design improvements -

Social.Ambblox – Essentially a copy of Adorin with a different design

Bitbin – Very raw UI and only has like 117 posts so I just didn’t bother with this one -

Buzzshow – Great layout, great video hosting application, but I couldn’t successfully upload a video after a few tries, so I gave up. I will come back to this in the future as obviously given other people have uploaded it may just be not working for me. Tried uploading again and it still doesn’t work months later. Noticed the minimum withdrawal was 50,000 Goldies which are sold at $0.50. Goldies are their cryptocurrency but I couldn’t find anywhere where I could actually find it or trade it outside of their website. With their minimum withdrawal that means you need to earn $25,000 before you can withdraw. This could easily be a scam where they want you to put a bunch of money in and you’ll never ever get it out. -

PocketNetwork – Tried signing up and had an issue then came back again and it worked. I tried navigating around but you have to set up your profile first, so I try, and it doesn’t save it. I shrug it off and go to explore and it says no go and set up your profile, so I try again. After 3 tries I gave up and simply do not recommend it. Came back months later and tried twice more, no luck. -

TravelStack – Posts are over a year old, clearly, no one uses this at all -

Sigle – This is essentially the blockchain version of Medium though it has no community or way to interact with others other than direct links at the moment. -

Numa – This looks like a super basic Wix or WordPress site and has no option to sign up or create anything. Also, every post is made by “admin.” So I’m not sure how this got listed anywhere -

DebutApp – Blockstack social apps seem to never live up to expectations. You cannot see anything until you follow people, and you don’t know who has content to offer. Most people haven’t posted so this is a dead-end. -

Fupio – Either I’m doing something wrong or there are literally no posts on this.

SpheroidUniverse – This is essentially Snapchat meets augmented reality, but it’s very basic right now. It’s worth checking out and I’m sure if it grows the right way that it will become popular in the AR and blockchain world. I don’t recommend it yet because it needs to develop further first - – Most of the content is spam and just advertising random merchandise and products like protein powder and toilet paper. -

Mithril – This is an ERC20 token that both PiePie (formally known as Lit) and Yeemos use. You earn MITH tokens currently worth $0.01 for sharing short expiring videos and images similar to a crypto monetized Snapchat. The issue is that it’s mostly spam posts and non-English users that make up the community. I used PiePie for a while and was unimpressed. -


Invite Only

If it’s invite only, it won’t get adopted until it’s opened up.

Snapzu – You need to be invited to join the platform and there didn’t seem to be a lot of interaction -

Leeroy – Not currently accepting new users -

Akasha – I previously had access to Akasha and for some reason no longer do. It was mediocre and felt like a weird combination of Tweetdeck and Facebook. They essentially used the design of Tweetdeck with the functionality of Facebook and while that was fine, there was almost no userbase and it was slow as well. It’s coming soon. When I tested it previously, it had the same issue as Peepeth (expensive transaction gas fees), it was 0.22$ to follow one person so it’s not viable -

InkDrop – This is an ETH free speech bulletin board platform. However, it’s still not ready and is in beta. They require you to request access to join so I wasn’t able to get approval during the time I did this review.


Requires Download

Most people want a simple browser experience or a mobile application. Needing to download something on your PC is a huge resistance point and likely will limit adoption.

Lisk – Need to download explorer and is still very early in development -

Empow – Though it’s an interesting concept, I don’t think people will want to use a platform that only works with a browser extension. Especially considering the extension requires permissions to modify data you copy and paste amongst other security flaws. There were very few people on the platform, so I didn’t bother with it. -

Substratum – I have been waiting for this for some time and now that I’ve finally got a chance to download it and try it out, I’m sad to say that there completely bogus claims of “The average person can use the internet, but can they run it? Substratum says yes, absolutely. All our tools are elegantly designed to be as user friendly as possible. Nodes run independently behind the scenes, allowing you to use your preferred browser.

Visitors see Substratum websites just like a standard page. No plug-ins to install or software to download.”

The problem is however that Substratum isn’t intuitive or obvious at all as to how to set it up or get started. You must set yourself up as either a creator or a consumer (why not both?) and then input your external IP, Neighbor node descriptor, Earning wallet address, and your blockchain service URL. The help buttons just say things like “copy your neighbor node descriptor and paste it here.” I have no idea what information they want or how I would even have a wallet for $SUB having just downloaded it. It also presents error messages when there seems to be no actual errors which is odd. The point is that I don’t think anyone is going to figure this out aside from the more technically inclined very blockchain savvy users. -


Requires Spending Crypto To Interact

It’s unrealistic to expect the average person to come from legacy platforms who is willing to pay for everything they previously did for free even if they have the potential to make money when they can make money for free elsewhere.

Chirp – Very similar interface to Twitter and while it looks great, it requires coins to comment, like, post, or do mostly anything. You can’t follow people anymore. It lacks most features including even having a settings section or a place where you could change your password. I couldn’t even find a way to buy more coins if I ran out, so not sure what happens then, I assume you’re done with the platform at that point similar to Twetch. I will say though, I haven’t run out and for that, it is much better than Twetch. -

Vevue – Requires payments to do most of the interactions and has a very poor design. They don’t keep up with their social platforms either. - – This is a Bitcoin SV based blockchain social platform. I don’t recommend it because I dislike any model that requires you to fund your account and spend BSV for any like or engagement you have with another person’s content. These models simply don’t work because the masses aren’t looking to spend money to casually browse and interact with content.

Masmic – Platform where you pay cryptocurrency to encourage people to respond to your posts and the top answers win the bounty. I think this is weird since most people want to earn currency not pay for the attention of people looking to earn crypto from you. The answers are mostly poorly written spam which is what you might expect when people pay you directly for commenting. -

Twetch – You have to make a MoneyButton account. Originally, I had to send my MoneyButton ID to them in a DM on Twitter to get your account which seems very strenuous. After getting signed up I realized that this is probably the most expensive crypto platform to ever exist. To follow someone is $0.10, to change some settings for my profile costs $1 each, and you don’t even get to pick your @handle. I ended up with just getting @7800. It’s an awfully expensive Bitcoin SV platform that I 100% do not recommend. Tried it again recently and couldn’t log in. Came back months later and couldn’t post due to having no funds. –



They may be great platforms for other languages but do not properly support English users and given I’m English speaking only, I will only review English platforms. Most of the Klaytn dapps are non-English. Check these out if you want something for non-English users.

Golos – Almost all non-English users and I wasn’t trying to get into that since they probably won’t read my posts and vice versa -

Primas – They have a small network, no language filter and it’s mostly not English so I wasn’t impressed. Only for mobile, but mainly for blogging so a bit annoying. Not much to it, wouldn’t recommend it. Only has 100 downloads, 6 reviews, and it’s mobile only so essentially no one is using it. -

Pibble – Non-English, but you can switch to English on the site. However, it’s mobile only so I wouldn’t recommend it. Not to mention on mobile it’s still in another language. -

SomeSing – Another Klaytn dapp that is mainly not English and mainly mobile focused. -

Habl – Non-English platform made mainly for Korean speaking users -


Requires Excessive Verification / Verification Doesn’t Work

Requires too much information like your driver’s license just to use the platform or they require a phone verification or something similar, but it doesn’t work and thus preventing you from having full access to the platform.

Alis - Only for people with a Japanese phone number -

SwiftDemand – It’s hardly a social platform, it’s more of a forum and the majority of topics are just about the platform rather than actual social conversations and discussion. It couldn’t verify my identity, so I can’t make money. They want all your information to give you swift which you’re supposed to be able to claim for free not for trading all your privacy like this is an exchange. I gave up after a while.

SNAC/Futurepia – It’s supposedly using a new and cutting-edge consensus model called dual delegated proof of stake or DDPoS. I tried signing up but it refused to validate my phone number (Maybe because I’m from Canada), but nonetheless, I was unable to sign up and use or even see what the platform looks like - &


EOS/TRON Dapps That Don’t Work

These do not work due to congestion or other potential network or platform related issues. EOS & TRON are best to stick with gambling which was their original use case.

DabbleCafe – EOS app - Only in another language. Can’t test. -

ONO – EOS app - Couldn’t load the site. Can’t test. -

Yup – I didn’t like that you can only use Yup with a Chrome based browser and that it requires you have their extension. On top of that, the website was unresponsive multiples times and didn’t work properly for me like most EOS dapps. -

TronShare – All you can do with this platform is post to a general feed that everyone sees. There are no profiles, discover or explore pages, or anything that resembles a finished platform. The last post before mine was over a month old and most of it is spam. -

Karma – EOSIO dapp - Good concept but way too niche as a platform that is supposed to be “Users are incentivized to do good, share positive & original content” it gives the idea that it’s niche and not just a normal social platform. Their value has dropped 10x since inception and looks like it’s going the same route as Trybe. It’s only usable on mobile which is also less ideal. When I tried registering it said, “problem trying to create account.” Tried again and it didn’t work at all. Months later I tried signing up and it gave me a premade account for some reason with the username Dirma1249 and then when I tried switching my username it said it was taken. After trying 20 usernames I realized that no matter what, it says the username is taken and thus I cannot change my username and update my account. The lack of functionality makes me question why anyone ever “stood up” for Karma as one EOS dapp that works (even though it’s not on their public chain) -

Murmur – EOS app - A bit over 100 active users only and requires Scatter which is a terrible application. Can’t earn, only can receive tips. Little to engagement and no one earned anything on their posts. -

Decentium – EOS app - I like the setup, but again you need Scatter, you can scroll through all this month’s post on one page basically. There were 22 posts in August. You also need to tip your money to other users which I’ve never been a fan of. This is a no go. Tested. -

BOID – EOS app - There were only 307 or so active users – Didn’t bother signing up since you also have to pay 17,319 BOID to start using it and given there are so few users and I already don’t like EOS I wasn’t willing to test this one and I doubt other will either. Didn’t test. -

Nebula – EOS app - Barely any users, most posts are like “hello world” or “testing” One user even ironically commented on how most EOS dapps are gambling or not very good. Didn’t test.

DecentTwitter – EOS app - Not working anymore. -


Fake Or Valueless Blockchain Or Crypto

The platform claims to use blockchain or have a cryptocurrency when it really doesn’t or it does, but it has no value or no way to retrieve the value from it.

UpLive - Just another live streaming service that you can earn on, but it’s not blockchain or crypto-related and it feels like an almost exclusively Camgirl culture version of Twitch -

Sociall – No integration with blockchain or crypto. Just a Facebook alternative. -

WTech World – Gets me to follow the “most popular” users when I join who have a few followers and look like spam accounts. Instead of crypto, you have points and when you have 6000 points, that is worth $1. However, you need $50 worth of points to withdraw. This means if you do the 4 main actions to earn: commenting, creating a new post, reacting, and creating a blog, you will only earn 40 points. It will take 150 days to earn $1 meaning at that rate it will take you about 20 years to earn the minimum payout. No thanks. -

UHive – Uhive just pulls most of its content from Twitter and shares from automated accounts that make it appear like many popular entities are using the platform. You can withdraw your balance and earn their crypto, but it isn’t traded anywhere, and it has no value. I don’t recommend UHive unless it gets listed and has more activity from real users. -

Note – The Note blockchain is an interesting platform similar to a crypto Twitter. I don’t like that the only way to earn Notes are from direct tips because I don’t think anyone will earn much that way. I am also not a fan of any platform that doesn’t have withdrawals or any exchange listings. This means that you can buy Notes from them, but you cannot sell them or get the value back. I won’t invest my time and money into this until that changes. I will post there casually to continue testing though. -


Not Free To Use

This is any platform that charges you money to use the platform on a subscription basis.

Verifiable – and Indorse completely changed, were sold, or shut down completely. Indorse was very similar to LinkedIn, with some UI and ease of use improvements it could have done well. The only working website is is completely different and only lets you validate skills as a programmer. Verifiable is a paid platform with a free trial. – This is an extension of Coil on a video-only platform. Again, it could have potential, but currently, all the videos have a few views or less. It’s just too new for me to recommend yet. I tried watching a video and realized you can’t without paying either. No thanks. -



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