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Strain: Mountain Jam & Blockchain Coffee “Hand Cream”

By d00k13 | @d00k13 | 14 May 2020

Rolling With Cannabis Hand Cream …

… Is a challenge you may not have heard of before. Sitting down to roll today I decided to take some shots, do a little #nugporn #freewrite and see what comes out of it. This strain, Mountain Jam, comes from a local guy in Victoria with the average price tag of $150/oz. Very nicely grown , trimmed, cured, I was pleased to see the bud maintain its volume once busted even after removing the seeds …

Freaking seeds … this time I am kinda pleased as a few seem like they may be good. I will be trying to germinate these Mountain Jam Seeds in water like @offgrid suggested so I may monitor them a little closer this time. The King Seeds from my previous post have been planted after nearly all spouting overnight, nice warm area was the trick … anyways without further ado my #freewrite on … “hand cream” … ahem …


Strain: Mountain Jam

“OHH it looks so good” my mind screams at me when sitting down to roll.
One Nug, Two Nugs, Three Nugs, More!!! Handful of bud placed gently as not to disturb any crystal resting amongst its mass.

I bet you this is going to hit pretty damb heavy are my thoughts as I stage the scene.
Checking each bud, one by one, methodically thinking about how to best capture each ray of light while emphasizing our beloved nearly invisible friends.

Lighting is the key, turning off the lights and using only my GoPro’s lighting I allow perspective to naturally darken the edges of my images using a clip-on macro lens. Yup all of this shot and edited with an iPhone XR in about 5 mins.

All was great checking out each bud, as I said looking for the best angles to capture the crystal with best contrast.

Even playing with direct and indirect lighting which I find partial shadow to give the best result.

Then while I was almost ready to start trying something fancy with shooting into the light and seeing if I could get shimmer of the crystals.

My light died; I cannot remember the last time I plugged that bad boy in which is quite impressive for a cheaper knock off LED photography panel light.

What does this have to do with a “Hand Cream” prompt?

At this point I was starting to think about the cannabis cream I had on my hands using some on the inside rim of the buster to free it from sticking. Like you said @Indica it is a bugger once it sticks!

Picking out the seeds I saw the weed was sticking to my fingers a little due to the cannabis cream making me think about getting it on the paper.

I buy these natural RAW papers, been working on this pack for a long while. Now reserving what is left for these posts as it is a nice prop and I am nearly out. The last thing I wanted to do is contaminate my papers with some cannabis cream not meant for smoking. Would already have gotten a little on the bud by now but no where near as much as rolling with how you press your fingers around on the paper. Obviously, I washed my hands before rolling this perfection of a joint!

Almost got the paper wrapped without a fold, you can see it on the bottom edge. Yes I twist my shit, always will and always have because I like to find a nice spot some where to blaze.

This time not far of a walk, just heading to the Gorge at the end of our road. However I was able to get a good clip of me lighting a joint thanks to my fiancé Mel holding the camera. This Slow-Mo clip will make for a good Outro and will be added to my collection of free-use works hosted on my site once I get there…
For now I am stuck on branding and require a personal image. In the meantime I will try work on my site when I can even if playing from mobile on WordPress while out doing Skip The Dishes. Once I have a personal brand image I can make new title templates and signature images then fill out my post templates and WordPress Signature for easy posting from mobile.


Till Next Time Stoners…


Smokem’ If Yea Gottem’

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