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By d00k13 | @d00k13 | 15 Apr 2020

What up my Peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest!

Having taken some time away from Skip The Dishes to come back to it in this time of need, I am finding that providing a service that everyone appreciates to be quite fulfilling. Not only am I making a decent earning while out there delivering food to all those whom required to stay at home but in doing so I have gained a sense of fulfillment through the reciprocating appreciation for the service I am providing. Some of the people I deliver too are seriously concerned for their well being and even a few whom are potentially infectious but no matter the reason for remaining locked up fulfilling someone else's needs provides to me the ultimate reward.

The fulfillment that I feel is relative to simultaneously making that wicked earning while helping others. Nothing wrong with making money, even if I am capitalizing on the situation in a way due to people having little to no alternatives that does not change the fact I am providing a essential service for many. Many that without would be forced to break Social Distancing suggestions venturing our potentially spreading the illness we all now fear. The question remains how much do I value my well being and what is it worth to me putting it on the line?

Honestly, as I stated in a few recent posts, I do not value my well being nearly as much as I probably should. I have the mindset of a warrior, If I get sick while fighting in this battle and die from it then I passed for a good cause. I consider going down in the name of others to be a good death, not that I think I will die rather I just want to put how my mind functions around the subject of risk into perspective. I simply don't consider it because...

****It's Not Just About The Earnings Right Now!****

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