Celebrating 4:20 Live - D00k13 Digest

Celebrating 4:20 Live - D00k13 Digest

By d00k13 | @d00k13 | 21 Apr 2020

Happy 4:20 Smokers!

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Just gotta roll then I will be live ... buzz ... scrape scrape ... crinkle crinkle ... Alright, heading out for a joint just outside my building, I had planned to do much more and make it epic but it seems since I last used Streamlabs on iOS they have also disabled YouTube mobile streaming. If there is a will there is a way and I managed to get a setup working using Castr.io but it will cost money monthly which I much prefer anything free, live is not my priority right now.

Do you know of a way to route a live stream from my device on cellular data to YouTube using OBS on my home network PC? I must piggy back to avoid the 1000 subscriber limit, you could also subscribe to my channel as that will help also! Once I break 1000 subscribers I will be able to go live without the workarounds which also means my streams will stay live while I do the sharing of links 😎

I will be Live again today! Hopefully with another solution that allows for comments 😅

That's It @D00k13 OUT!!!smoke signature template (1).png

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