How to mine DOGE in Raspberry Pi

By Mando on Crypto | @CryptoVista | 19 Feb 2024

Hey guys! Are you comfortable with Linux? Ever wondered if you could mine coins in a Raspberry Pi? Well, Dogecoin is one alternative, and I will share with you an easy-peasy tutorial on how to set up your Raspberry Pi to mine DOGE like a pro.

First things first, let's make sure you've got everything you need:

  • Raspberry Pi Model: You'll want a relatively recent one with a decent CPU. Raspberry Pi 4, 5, 400 is your best bet.
  • 64-Bit OS: Make sure you've got a 64-bit operating system installed. This is crucial for our setup. Grab yourself a 64-bit OS. Ubuntu Server or Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit lite version works like a charm. Install it using Raspberry Pi Imager or Balena Etcher.
  • Mining Pool Connection: You'll need to connect to a Dogecoin mining pool. We'll use an unMineable pool for this tutorial.
Get a DOGE Coin Address and a mining pool

Head over to the official Dogecoin website to get yourself a DOGE address.

As we said earlier, we'll be using unMineable for this tutorial. It's easy to use, doesn't require an account, and charges a standard 1% fee. Head to their website, choose Dogecoin, and select CPU (RandomX) option.

You will need to take note of the URL and port of the global server, which at the time of writing is, and set your user field accordingly. The format of your user is something like:

DOGE:<doge address>.<worker name>

unMineable pool address

Here is an example of a doge address:


Now the hardest part: building the XMRig Miner

Time to get our hands dirty. Install XMRig on your Raspberry Pi by following these steps:

Install necessary dependencies:

sudo apt-get install git build-essential cmake libuv1-dev libssl-dev libhwloc-dev

Clone XMRig source code:

git clone

Create a folder and build the miner executable. This may take some time and will generate a file called xmrig, which is the miner executable:

mkdir xmrig/build && cd xmrig/build
cmake ..
make -j$(nproc)

Configure and start your Dogecoin miner

Grab the config.json template from the XMRig GitHub.

Edit it with your pool's URL and your DOGE address, using vi or nano. In this configuration file, within pools property, replace the values in url and user fields, for example:

"url": "",
"user": "DOGE:DHpRvHZhtr1b7wYciT3Kn7P9cX92WPrmi4.unmineable_worker_lwivgzo#5zvv-gkvv",

Save the changes ESC:wq in vi or CTRL+X in nano.

config.json miner pool configuration

If you want to reduce the mining fee to 0.75%, you can use add the code #25zg-f6m7 to your user address:

"user": "DOGE:YourDogecoinAddress.YourWorkerName#25zg-f6m7",

Run ./xmrig to start mining. You should see some stats pop up if everything's working fine.

If you did everything right, you should see messages like the following:

Miner output

If you want to keep it running in the background, use screen -d -m -S unmineable ./xmrig

To check the output and see how the miner is going use screen -r unmineable. To exit the output messages, you can press CTRL + A + D. This will keep xmrig running in the background.

What is the future of DOGE?

Dogecoin's future is uncertain, much like the rest of the crypto world. It's a wild ride of speculation and hype, so tread carefully and do your research before diving in.

And that's a wrap! With your Raspberry Pi churning away, you're now part of the Dogecoin mining community. Keep an eye on your temps though; you don't want your Pi overheating. Consider adding some cooling solutions if you plan to mine for the long haul. Happy mining, folks!

Dogecoin price, as of February 2024

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