Don't be swayed by the term conspiracy theory

By Lochard | Asylum Diary | 7 Nov 2023

Do not be swayed by the term conspiracy theory and stop yourselves from suspecting the world is so rotten that there are collusions between governments and businesses. Perhaps more importantly, between governments that are critical of each other.


My passport still being withheld and I couldn’t find any help.

About a month ago there were implications that the worst has yet to come and that I might be allowed to live, but not with human dignity. Those are not empty threats. In fact they are already doing it. They only have to continue.

18 months since the government of Lithuania faked the examination of my asylum applications but actually created an environment to facilitate and participate in continuing what the Chinese Communist Party was doing. Including ridiculizing and discrediting the accusations against them.

They know to hide what they are doing, but they continue anyway, only care to make sure there is not enough evidences. Sounds like I am talking about some criminal gangs. But I am talking about the government of Lithuania and the Chinese Communist Party.

There might be more countries involved.

The degree might be different. But what is happening to me here has the same nature of the disregard of human rights and human dignity that the Chinese Communist Party is known for.

It implies that the inaction of countries against the atrocity of the Chinese Communist Party might not really mean they don't have proof or means to stop it, but are actually supportive to it.

To name a few what both the government of Lithuania and the Chinese Communist Party do:

1. Invasive surveillance. Including the most private spaces. They are addicted in abusing the technologies available to them. Do not refrain. Probably worsening the lack of empathy (can be in form of thinking that you should be thankful that they haven't done worse) that has always existed among those with or related to power. The range of its applications and the evils derived from it are extremely wide. As a victim that is experiencing it first hand, I will say that it is beyond my description and most likely I haven't realise all their abuses yet.

2. Organised social pressure. This is used in multiple ways. From social engineering to gaslighting. Using mutual admiration to gain trust or defend each other. It probably doesn't only apply outward but also reinforce their belief that what they do are normal and acceptable. 

3. Stalking and recording. The Chinese Communist Party did this. The government of Lithuania is also doing this. Not only from behind but also time to appear in other positions, including waiting from around corners and behind doors.

3a. Send women to walk in front of you. (Since I am male, probably would use other sex according to the sexual orientation of the target.) Not sure if anyone would wonder what harm there is. I will say there are more than one purpose, none of which is not sick. Am I talking about criminal organisations? I am talking about governmental organisations. The Chinese Communist Party did this. The government of Lithuania is also doing this.

4. Abuse of power. I was literally laughed at for following rules. Also, with power comes the sense of superior. They disregard contexts and reasons. Questions are sins that they take as offends and justification of their further power abuses.

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20240228 Arrived in the UK for about 2 week. All my fears persist. Some are even getting worse.

Asylum Diary
Asylum Diary

Sometimes the seemingly trivial matters are better kept recorded. One premise is that many others will record them, not for you, anyway. E.g.: the big teches and the Big Brother, or just someone next to you.

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