Simply, the photo of the century

Simply, the photo of the century

By Luke86 | Astrofacts | 11 Apr 2020

1 year ago was published a photo, confirming Einstein theory about black holes

11th of April 2019 was an historical date for science: for the first time ever, a black hole has been photographed, confirming Einstein gravitational waves theory. With no no doubts, it must be considered the photo of the century. 

La prima foto di un buco nero, un anno fa l'immagine che ha ... 

55 million light-years far from Earth and with a 6 billions and a half Solar masses, it's situated in the Virgo super-cluster, also called Messier 87 or "Virgo A", in the Virgo constellation. In this shot you can see the shadow of a black hole. In super-massive black holes, the attracted matter get hotter and hotter and when it "falls" inside the black hole, it emits light, part of which is visible through radio telescopes.

For the first time ever it has been possible watching the "event horizon", inside of which there is no information (or signals) exchange and this is the reason for which this type of objects are so important. The event horizon is the impassable limit of our ability to explore the Universe. 

Due to this amazing result, Einstein prediction of black holes has been confirmed through a direct observation. Black holes were, by definition, invisible, but now a new page of science book has been open: we can finally observe and study these mysterious objects, predicting how plasma region close to it can appear, and this is the perfect link between the theory and the observations.

This was the announcement by INAF (Italian Institute of Astrophysics) on Twitter 


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