Birthday game for Hubble Telescope 30th years activity

Birthday game for Hubble Telescope 30th years activity

By Luke86 | Astrofacts | 6 Apr 2020

Launched on 24th of April 1990, it gifted us spectacular images about all the Universe.

A 2,4 meters diameter primary mirror and 5 instruments to see in "visible", "ultra-violet" and "infra-red". The Hubble Space Telescope has gifted us the best images of the Universe, allowing, with some photos, to confirm some astrophysics studies. 


Took to a low orbit, but outer the atmosphere distortion, it was launched in 1990, even if its launch were programmed for 1986. We all know what's happened at the beginning of that year: unfortunately the Challenger Space Shuttle failed during the first seconds of mission, causing the death of its entire crew (I told about this story in a previous post, celebrating their memory). This disaster retarded all the next missions, including the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope. 

A curiosity: the first photos were so poor, but they didn't know why. They discovered a small (but big!) problem with... THE MIRROR! Yes, the primary mirror were smoothed in an incorrect way!! They solved this problem in 1993, in the first "Service Mission". 

..yes, okay, but what does your birthday have to do with this?

Celebrating 30 years of activity, NASA created a little game: on its site, put on your birthday and its archive will find an Hubble image, shot exactly on your birthday. A little fun fact to celebrate this fantastic telescope. I'm sure almost once in your life you have seen an image shot by it, it's absolutely sure!

You can play that game at this link

PS: the site is actually under maintenance. If it's not working, try later.


See you next time


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