New Moon Crypto Forecast Sept 14 2023

New Moon =New Crypto Cycle: September 14 Forecast

By iCryptobeing | Astro Crypto | 14 Sep 2023

Sept 14 New Moon in Virgo

New Moon Aspects:
This New Moon starts a new Price cycle. I will be using the General transits Chart and Bitcoins chart to establish the
key planets. Thru out this Moon cycle I will use these key planets to gain a deeper understanding of the influence and
impact of General transits vs Bitcoins transits. To see if there are similarities or patterns with these houses and transits.
Key Planets for this Moon Cycle and their transit to other planets, will help determine price movement thru this month’s cycle.

Bitcoins Key Planets
Mars in 10th house
Pluto in 1st house

General Key planets for this cycle:
Jupiter(r) 1st house - Trines Sun and Moon
Uranus(r) 1st house - Trines Moon
Pluto(r) in 10th house

Bitcoin’s Key Planets and New Moon Aspects:
Mars in squaring Bitcoins Sun during this New Moon and is exactly on top of BTC’s ascendant..this transit is exact 2
hours after the Moon is exactly full.
This is very SIGNIFICANT! Any chart where there is a planet crossing over the Mid Heaven during a New Moon, the
cycle is indicating the movement and direction of prices for the rest of the Moon’s Cycle.
What is the Market Direction and Movement:
VOLATILE, Active and Limited, trending Down?
-Mars is square to Bitcoin Sun and crossing over the Mid Heaven. Ruled by Venus, nevus is square to Jupiter, negative aspect.
-Sun and Moon are Conjunct to Bitcoins Saturn. Saturn is Bitcoin chart Ruler, this is important. Negative aspect
These aspects are indicating limits, restrictions, and a high amount of Volatility in prices and Movement, downwards

New Moon General transits
Sun and Moon are trine Uranus Rx.
Sun and Moon trine Jupiter Rx
For general transits, this is indicating a change in the trend. Upwards trend this Moon Cycle.

The trend for this New Moon Cycle is Volatile and Conflicting.
The General trend is signaling an Up trend.
Bitcoin’s transits are signaling a Volatile, Limited downwards trend,
This could indicate conflict in the Crypto Market.
I say this because as i wrote up the rest of this Month, there are days that the General Transits are supportive, and on
the same day BTC transits were not Supportive. We are going to have to watch to see how this market trend plays out.

Thank you for Reading this post. What are your thoughts about this New Moon Cycle? Please comment below.

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