July 7 Crypto Market Forecast using Astrology

July 7 Crypto Market Forecast using Astrology

By iCryptobeing | Astro Crypto | 8 Jul 2023

JULY 7- Mercury sextile Uranus 

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Mercury in Cancer at  21° sextile Uranus in Taurus at 21°

21° = Sagittarius energy

21° Cancer Ambitious, enduring, and radiant
21° Taurus Indecisive, clever, and withdrawn

Positive and stimulating, receptive, attractive Collaboration and networking can lead to exciting opportunities for
growth and expansion.
Market is expanding prices, growth is stimulated, hard-working to move forwards. Greed is shining thru

Emotional Sentiment = GREED

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Astro Crypto
Astro Crypto

Discussing how Astrology affects the Crypto Market. I have studied Astrology for over 10 years, and continue to learn everyday. I am sharing my own thoughts and opinions, I am not a financial advisor or giving ANY FINANCIAL ADVICE. DYOR!!!!!!

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