Full Moon and Uranus Stationing Retrograde Forecast

Full Moon & Uranus Stations Retrograde: Astrology Forecast Aug 29 and 30th

By iCryptobeing | Astro Crypto | 30 Aug 2023

Excerpt from my Monthly Crypto Market Astrology Report 

For August 29, Uranus Stations Retrograde and August 30 Full Blue Moon.

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August 29 Uranus Stations Retrograde 

Moon transits
6:56am Moon 12º opposes Venus
11:11am Moon 15º square Jupiter
11:03pm Moon 23º square Uranus

General Transits 
Uranus Stations Retrograde 23° Taurus (till Jan 27 2024 – SD 19°)
23° Aquarius
Uranus in Taurus at 23°- Gullible, lack of confidence, ungrateful

BTC Chart
10:33am Mars square Pluto in Capricorn 1º (12th house)
5:12pm Mars trine BTC Mercury(r) in Aquarius 1º (12th house)

FIREWORKS today!!!
The keywords of 23° Taurus are Lack of Confidence, ungrateful and gullible. Today the transiting Moon is opposing Venus (r), square
Jupiter and Uranus(r)
I believe the moon highlighting the themes of these keywords. Especially in finances/ Crypto Market.
In BTC chart transiting Mars is Exactly Square to BTC Pluto, this is indicating sharp, volatile downwards movement for BTC and thru
out the Crypto Market, today especially.
We have been witnessing the affects of Venus and Saturn Retrograde, the Rulers of BTC chart in the Crypto Market. As Uranus in Taurus stations Retrograde,(which represents Technology, Crypto and Finances,) we will witness another layer of unraveling, causing chaos in the Crypto Market. This is not to cause fear, it is to explain how quickly situations will happen and unfold.
Expect the unexpected, of course...
Something interesting to point out and keep in mind:
During the New Moon the Sun and Moon sextile Uranus, this could be indicating an unexpected upturn after the Initial violent drop in
In BTC chart, during the New Moon, Transiting Uranus was square to BTC Neptune. Neptune is another planet that gives us unexpected
surprises. We will continue to keep an eye on this transit as, events unfold.



August 30 Full Blue Moon

9:35pm Full Moon Pisces 7°
Pisces 7° passive
7° is  Libra energy 

Moon Transits:
9:57am Moon enters Pisces
3:34pm Moon conjunct Saturn 3°Pisces
9:25pm Moon 7° opposite Sun

Transits in BTC Chart
8:45pm Transiting Mercury opposite BTC Uranus in Pisces 19 (12th house)


This is the second full moon this month, increasing the strength and affect of the Moons energies on the Crypto Market. This is very
appropriate and in line with the turbulence of this month so far.
At the time of this full moon these transits are occurring
Note: some of these aspects are not exact, but they are influencing the energy of this full moon:

Transiting Planets:
Sun opposing Saturn
Sun trining Jupiter...
Moon Conjunct Saturn(r)

Venus(r) square Jupiter

Transits to BTC chart
Venus opposite BTC North Node
Venus Sextile BTC Mid heaven

I feel there is going to be Moment of hope in the Market today.
Prices will be Restricted, blocked and pushed downwards.
Saturn is Opposite Sun and next to the Moon, this is indicating boundaries and limitations. Because the moon is blocking the sun, Saturn's
influence on the moon and Sun is stronger. Also, the Sun in Virgo is a weaker sun, so the Sun trining Jupiter, is out shinned by the Moon.
But Saturn is Retrograde. Supporting evidence of this comes with Venus(BTC Mid heaven ruler) square Jupiter. Adding to the challenges in Crypto Market.
On the other hand The sun is Trine Jupiter and Venus sextile BTC Mid heaven. These two transits show rays of hope, but are not strong enough to outshine the Moons strength. The Sun is being blocked by the moon and Sun is weaker in Virgo.
Most of the day will have FEAR energy, with a few moments of hope.

Emotional Sentiment = FEAR 




Beyond Crypto

Unexpected turn for the Crypto ecosystem and market. Uranus Retrograde is 7th planet Retrograde: Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Venus,
Mercury, Chiron are all Retrograde as well..
Let's break the Retrograde planets down(in no particular order)
Saturn: Limitations, boundaries
Neptune: Illusions
Venus: Relationship to finances, others etc
Mercury: Communications, technology
Uranus: rebellion. Break free
Pluto: transformation
All these planets Retrograde, , are signaling a revolutionary Change in our own personal lives to society as a whole...
Remember what is happening on the outside is a reflection of what is happening inside (of ourselves)

Thank you for Reading, please leave a comment, What do you think about the Crypto Market Today?

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