Astro Crypto Summary Nov 28 - dec 3 2022

Astro Crypto: Bitcoin SUMMARY Forecast Analysis using Astrology 11/28/22 - 12/3/22

By iCryptobeing | Astro Crypto | 29 Nov 2022

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Financial Advisor, this is NOT Financial Advice, Do your own Research, this is for Entertainment purposes only.
 I am not a professional Astrologer and the info in this report should not be taken a financial advice.
Note: I am using Western Astrology to Analyze BTC market and price trends. My weekly analysis and forecast helps me learn and
 understand how Astrology influences the Crypto market, as well as our everyday lives.

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Communicating Revolutionary Changes in Values. Explosive Impulsive Re-Action to Judgments & Illusions.

Taking a look at astrological patterns and conversations,  analyzing a trend of circumstances and BTC's reaction to these situations. 

The affects of these energies can last 2-3 days, sometimes the day before, day of and day after. Longer transits,  will have a longer affect, and will note this when they are mentioned.

This weeks focus is on value, communication, knowledge. 

Astro Crypto Forecast November 28 - December 3 2022:


Nov 28 2022

General Transits  (no BTC transits)

Mars(Gemini) trine Saturn(Aquarius) 2:38pm 

  • Balance between Fear and Greed. Chart analysis will be straight forward. Market will be strategic, action on the charts. Not a positive or negative preference.

NOTE: November 29 – December 1 transits have tense, challenging conversations. Illuminating obstacles to be addressed, in order to move forwards/up.                                                                                         

November 29


Mercury(sag) opposite mars (gem)- 3rd- 4:34pm

Risky activity should be avoided due to the potential for accidents.


Mars square Uranus 9th (4:47pm) 

Mercury square Uranus 3rd – (3:12pm) 

Moon conj Neptune 6th (6:30am) 


  • Volatility Ahead! Fear Index could rise. BTC today is going to be impulsively unpredictable! Unsure which direction it wants to go. Back and forth movement. A lot of info being communicated and released, causing more unexpected change. BTC price is the Re Action to this unexpected information especially coming from Governments/ law makers. BTC will not want to be restricted in any way. Day traders, don’t take your eyes away from the charts for too long, expect the unexpected!!!! Be Ready.

November 30


Mercury square Moon – 3rd Hse (2:02am)-

  • Difficult Day Could be having a difficult time moving past resistance, and lowering support levels

December 1

General Transit

Venus opposing Mars (1:31am) 

Mercury square Neptune(8:47pm) 

BTC Transits

Mercury square Saturn 3rd (6:13am)

Moon opposing Saturn (6th) (9:02am)

Venus square Uranus 3rd (9:56am) 

Mercury sextile Neptune 3rd-(5:33pm)

Venus square moon 3rd (11:09pm) 

  • Fear index will be higher.  Volatility Continues -Expect the unexpected: this is going to be a challenging day, filled with confusion, misinformation and conflicts. Unclear price direction, its up /down /sideways..Uranus transits are revolutionary change. Saturn transits bring things to a conclusion. One cycle ends and another begins. These transits are associated with “Murphy’s Law”, if something can go wrong, it will. Both being squared today in BTC’s 3rd house. The 3rd house is the house of communication (acquiring and communicating information. Day-to-day thinking). Key words and phrases to keep in mind the next few days: Value changing/ changing how value is exchanged/ Communicating the changing value of things, communicating with others and technology

Advice Note: Decision making is difficult, take a break and walk away from the charts, for a few moments today. This could save you from impulsive trades, and losses from an impulsive market.- not financial advice!!

December 2

BTC - Moon sextile Jupiter 6th - 

General – Sun(Sagittarius) trine Moon(Aries)  

  • Positive day/ Market in a more “Greed” state of mind/emotion (I'm referring to the Fear and Greed Index)

December 3

BTC – Venus square Saturn 3rd - .

GENERAL – Neptune Direct (Pisces)6:08pm

  • Fear Index is still stronger than Greed- Sideways movement: BTC is recovering from this past week. Neptune moving Direct(forwards) is a step forwards, and beginning to Clear the Dust( of the past 6 months)for the market price, but the overall market is still cautious, sensitive to information and news.

This is the image that comes mind: (if BTC were a person) BTC would look as if in a state of shock and confused where he is. Is this BTC? Or perhaps this is how people will feel at the end of this week?

Communicating Revolutionary changes in value. Markets are Energetically Impulsive from Re-Action to Judgments and Illusions.

I do not know if the above sentence will be true for this week or in the next coming weeks.  

This week could be challenging at times.  Crypto was created as a result of seeking change. Embracing the continuous changes is important for the entire Crypto Space and Community, In order to grow and evolve.

Forecast End




Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks forecast. 

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