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By Evgeny First | Astraonline | 20 Mar 2022


In this article I would like to talk about a new Web3 project. It's decentralized social network on the Solana blockchain - Solcial. Now Solcial is not yet launched, it's in the final stages of development. It will be a mobile app (iOS and Android), a desktop app, and a website. So, each of us will be able to become one of the first users.

The primary goal of Solcial is to create a more open, inclusive social network that promotes freedom of speech and helps people to voice their opinions in a civil way. Also the goal is permitting users to monetize their content, their value-add, irrespective of their talents by tokenizing their social capital.

So, on Solcial all users will have their own token (with own price), allowing everyone to invest directly in them. In Solcial will be introduced the "invest to subscribe" model: when you buy the token of someone, you not only invest in them, but you also subscribe to their private posts, only visible to their token holders.

All user's content is stored on IPFS and accessed through a P2P layer. Therefore Solcial doesn't rely on censorable servers or gateways. And the token related operations are all on the Solana blockchain.

The native token of the Solcial platform is SLCL. It's can be used for the following purposes:
- as a governance token, to vote on the DAO for future decisions about the platform;
- to have a discount on trading fees;
- to buy the token of anyone.

The maximum issue of the SLCL token is one billion coins. The tokenomics you can see on the next illustration:


To promote the project the team recruits Ambassadors, who are called Scouts. As of Marth 20 of 2022, the recruitment of scouts continues. Scout roles are: organize events, create content, be active and helpful in the community, onboard new scout and community members, etc. Rewards will be given for Scouts in the form of SLCL tokens, Solcial merchandise, NFTs, as well as exclusive access to the Solcial team and platform. You can apply to Scout here.

We'll continue to follow the development of the Solcial, and now is the time to join the Solcial community.

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