Exorde protocol overview

Exorde protocol overview

By Evgeny First | Astraonline | 14 May 2022


Today it can be not easy for each of us to figure out which information is true and which is fake, is't it?

The Exorde team is planning to help us with this.

Exorde is the Web3 protocol that empowers developers to scrape and link all public data on the web in order to fight against the distortion of information. Exorde will not be engaged in fact checking, but will analyze the distribution of information and identify its distortion.

So mission of Exorde is to clear the way in the Web jungle.


The Exorde team plans, on the one side, to create a huge community of developers and data scientists who will collect and link information from the Internet, and on the other side, use machine learning to attract bots to fight against information distortion.

In order to gather a lot of participants around Exorde, the EXD token was conceived. This multipurpose Utility Token will be used for Governance, Staking, and all value transfers inside the ecosystem.


In the next articles we’ll deep into various aspects of the Exorde ecosystem.

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