Which Lipodermatosclerosis Treatment is Right for You

By Rouge Blogger | My Everything Blog | 10 Sep 2020

Which Lipodermatosclerosis Treatment is Right for You

Lipodermatosclerosis is a painful, unsightly vein disease that affects people with venous insufficiency. Thanks to the qualified professionals at DHR Health Vein Institute in South Texas, you do not need to live with this condition. Keep reading to discover which lipodermatosclerosis treatment is right for you.

What Is Lipodermatosclerosis?

Lipodermatosclerosis is a condition that can affect one or both of your legs. It may be either acute or chronic. Acute lipodermatosclerosis occurs spontaneously without a preceding illness or local injury. It resembles cellulitis and is characterized by painful inflammation in your inner leg above the ankle. The affected area is tender, scaly, and red. Most people who suffer from this condition are middle-aged.

Chronic lipodermatosclerosis develops gradually over time. The most common symptoms are localized thickening, pain, edema, a darkening of the skin, leg ulcers, and varicose veins.

How Is Lipodermatosclerosis Diagnosed?

Lipodermatosclerosis is diagnosed clinically. This commonly involves a biopsy. Dermatopathology shows histological changes affect the fat differently depending on the stage of the disease. In the beginning stages of the disease, people commonly have dead tissue in the affected area. Late lesions identify changes to the skin's dermis.

What Lipodermatosclerosis Treatment Methods Are Available?

There are many available lipodermatosclerosis treatment methods. The most common treatment method is compression therapy. This can involve applying tight bandages to the affected areas or wearing compression stockings. Compression therapy improves the function of your veins by helping your body push blood upwards back into your heart.

Other treatment methods include weight loss, vein surgery, and inflammation reduction by clobetasol propionate.

Endovenous Ablation

Endovenous ablation treatment is a procedure performed on an outpatient basis. It closes your leg's diseased veins and is commonly performed in your doctor's office. Endovenous ablation treatment, also known as thermal ablation or vein ablation, is highly effective. This procedure has a 95 to 97% success rate at the 12-month follow-up appointment.

Physical Activity

Physical activity in general and exercise in particular work wonders for lipodermatosclerosis. Your circulation improves the more you move your legs. Whether you hike through Palmetto State Park, bike to work every day, or pace your living room during television commercials, moving your legs requires muscle contractions. This improves the blood flow in the arteries and veins in your legs.

Moisturizing Daily

The daily application of lotion to your legs is essential for people suffering from lipodermatosclerosis. Skin health is always important, but skin moisturizers for people with lipodermatosclerosis prevent ulcers (skin sores), infection, cracking, and dryness.

Elevate Your Legs

Leg elevation is a simple yet effective lipodermatosclerosis treatment method. Elevating your legs above your heart helps to fight against gravity which wants to pull your blood down. When your legs are elevated above your heart, gravity works in your favor, and your blood flows back to your heart.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today

You do not have to live with lipodermatosclerosis. For more information on which lipodermatosclerosis treatment is right for you, contact the helpful experts at DHR Health Vein Institute in South Texas today to schedule your initial consultation.

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